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Thotcrime share two new remixes of 'Motherf*cker Unlimited'

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Veronica Mullen

Official press release:

Cybergrind group THOTCRIME has today shared two remixes of their D1G1T4L_DR1FT album track Motherfucker Unlimited, by both Ari Liloia and exjaynine. Motherfucker Unlimited (remixes) is available on all streaming platforms now and showcases further electronic elements to THOTCRIME's eclectic sound of grind, mathcore, hyperpop and more.


Guitarist Malady Jane spoke about the remixes:

Both artists took a very upfront and confrontational song and took it in very different directions, but their respective takes carry the same energy. Ari's more ambient and contemplative approach really lends itself to stewing in the emotions in an organic and ethereal way, where exjaynine really hits you over the head with the aggression and outright onslaught. Both are amazing and different takes that convey the same feeling.

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