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Andy Williams currently not involved in Ex-ETID members band

andy williams

Jordan Buckley, former Every Time I Die founding member and guitarist, shared the following screenshot of a group chat on Instagram over the weekend:

Birth of the new band group chat marks the beginning of the next chapter in my life. And there can be no better opening sentence to a chapter than a wazzaaap gif

From jamming to behind the scenes in the studio, Jordan has shared much of what is happening with the new project. Still, there are a few questions that fans have. Among the most common questions are who is their vocalist and if Andy Williams of ETID is involved.

It should be noted here that Andy appears to be fully dedicated to his full-time wrestling career with AEW since the ETID split. Aside from posting a few clips of himself with former ETID drummer Michael "Ratboy" Novak with no context, Andy has been rather quiet concerning his musical endeavors.

In response to Jordan's post, fans asked if Andy was involved. Bassist Steve Micciche responded:

Andy is not . He's a full time wrestler and can't tour full time at the moment.

Though this doesn't fully rule Andy out from the project, it does give those wondering a bit of insight.

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