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Trivium share Heaven Shall Burn cover


Official press release: 

Grammy-nominated Florida heavyweights TriviumMatthew K. Heafy (vocals/guitars); Corey Beaulieu (guitars); Paolo Gregoletto (bass); and drummer Alex Bent — are embarking on a sold-out headline tour of Europe along with Heaven Shall Burn. The bands are marking the occasion with a twist and have come up with a clever way to give their fans some "new" music.


Today, Trivium have shared their cover of Heaven Shall Burn's "Implore the Darken Sky."

The cover is featured on a split 7" that the bands are selling on the road and directly to fans while touring Europe together. Heaven Shall Burn previously released their cover of Trivium's "Pillar of Serpents," which appears on the band's first album From Ember to Inferno. Listen here.


Heafy says: 

"In the early days of Trivium, back when we were discovering the many great genres and flavors of heavy music, I knew about the classic greats, I knew about extreme metal, but never before had I heard what HSB was doing. Heaven Shall Burn's Whatever It May Take album was my first introduction to their brand of metalcore. This fusion of hardcore ethos and metal sounds blew my mind.

Implore the Darken Sky' is not only my favorite HSB song, but the one that taught me so much about a sound that needed to be injected into Trivium."


Trivium's European tour wraps at the end of the month. The band will announce further 2023 tour plans shortly.

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anonymous 139 days ago

Trivium stinks and "implore the darken sky" is a song title a 14 year old nu metal kid would come up with

anonymous 139 days ago

Bass player is the most disliked person in Philly.

BigDog 139 days ago

How have their vocals gotten even worse over the years?

anonymous 139 days ago

their second guitarist taps the f*ck out of the rockies

toxicnacho 139 days ago

lol matt is a beast on guitar but i won't listen to this.

anonymous 139 days ago

How many farts will be ripped to this, you ask? A grand total of none.

anonymous 138 days ago

Corey hit on my 15-year old friend at SOTU '06.

anonymous 138 days ago

Embarrassing on every level.

anonymous 137 days ago

There's much better heaven shall burn tracks than this one. Boring choice

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