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Dayseeker announce search for drummer


While no other word has been given as to why; Dayseeker has announced they are currently in search of a replacement drummer. Though vague, the post seems to elude to the gig being for tours.

The band also posted a list of requirements they wish the applicants to adhere to.

  • Must be 25+ years old
  • Must be vaccinated and have valid passport
  • Must live in the United States
  • Must have extensive touring experience
  • Must have professional-level drum kit
  • Must be proficient at playing with a click track
  • Must be available to tour 6-9 months out of the year

The band shared the following:

We're in search of a fill-in drummer for future touring. If interested, review the requirements carefully and send a video playing along to Neon Grave or Crooked Soul to 🤘🏻

please respect the band's privacy in regards to all current/past touring members.

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