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Megadeth release fifth installment of the origins of Vic Rattlehead


Travis Shinn

From Megadeth's latest studio album, The Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!, the band has released a music video for "Killing Time". This video is the fifth and latest installment of the band's epic short film that reveals the origins of Vic Rattlehead, the band's iconic mascot.

Frontman Dave Mustaine shared the following:

"Killing Time" isn't about homicide. It's about procrastination. "Psychopathy" for the person that "Killing Time" is about. The subject the doctors are talking about is this guy who thinks he's got it all going on. But everything that he does peels back another layer of burnt skin. It's stripping back the paint trying to cover up the mess that this person is. I actually know someone who's just lost everything. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars and a multi-million dollar company: gone. And he'd been warned. He was the slick dude in 'Life In Hell'. He was the Junkie. He's definitely the guy in 'Killing Time'.

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anonymous 287 days ago

The origin of Vic Rattlehead = a heroin squat in Dana Point, CA

anonymous 287 days ago

Mustaine looks healthy

anonymous 287 days ago

He looks like a melted glue stick

anonymous 287 days ago

In the winter time I just let it fly, it warms my ass and I don't smell a thing

anonymous 287 days ago

Vic Rattlehead came out of Dave Ellefson's cock after he rattled it too much.

anonymous 287 days ago

Song has some nice riffs

anonymous 286 days ago

Even the 55yr old fat balding basement dwellers that still listen to this shit don't give a f*ck about a long past their prime band's mascot "origins". Crawl out of your own assholes

anonymous 284 days ago

the lyrics read like an open letter to Lars Ulrich. Despite Dave telling people he has made peace with what occurred ages ago... sincerily-the stick stirring the pot.

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