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Hammerfall return to Nuclear Blast Records, awards received

hammerfall awards

Dirk Behlau

Official press release:

Nuclear Blast are proud to welcome back the Swedish powerhouse Hammerfall who started their career in 1997 on the label with their debut album Glory to the Brave.

Their entire Nuclear Blast catalogue from Glory to the Brave to the 2014 album (r)Evolution was recently certified with a Diamond Award for over 1.5 million worldwide sales.


And there's been even more to celebrate: following on from Renegade (2000), Crimson Thunder (2002) and No Sacrifice, No Victory (2009), their fifth studio album Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken from 2005 is now their fourth album that has gone Gold in Sweden, whilst Crimson Thunder even went Platinum, celebrating over 60,000 sales in their home country.

The band shared the following:

We were part of building the label back in the day, starting with our first album. For a long time, we were along for the ride as Nuclear Blast evolved into the immense powerhouse it is today. Although we did leave for three studio albums, and we are pleased with those albums and thank everyone who worked with us on them, we are very excited to be back where we belong: with Nuclear Blast. It truly feels like we've come home.

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anonymous 174 days ago

I pressed my asshole against the glory hole in the rest stop mens room, awards received.

anonymous 174 days ago

No Jesper, no care. Without him they are generic as f*ck. Only low energy low T high E losers be banging this new shit. Bring back Jesper.

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