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One Step Closer release new track from upcoming EP

one step closer

One Step Closer release new single for upcoming EP, Songs for the Willow, via Run For Cover Records.

After last years release, This Place You Know, the band continues to expand on a more melodic post-hardcore styling that is accompanied by some emo influences.

Frontman Ryan Savitski states:

"All three songs revolve around the problems that touring so much this last year have caused," "Losing relationships, losing band members, losing a sense of what this band even means to everyone." "I feel like this last year was the first time we've truly felt like a real band, but there were so many issues underlying that it made it hard to enjoy a lot of things."

The band stepped outside their comfort zone to create Songs for the Willow, teaming with Jon Markson and Eric Chesek to record the EP and explore new sonic terrain. Savitski further commented:

"Markson is such an awesome guy and they really pushed to get the best out of us the entire time," "I think their creative minds helped us make something special. We tried a lot of new things for these songs and really pushed a vocal style I've been wanting to do for a long time."


Check out "Dark Blue" below.

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