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Taproot to reunite at Blue Ridge Rock Festival in 2023

taproot reunion

Blue Ridge Rock Festival shared that Taproot will reunite to play next year's festival. The event will be the band's first major appearance since 2013.

The Blue Ridge Rock Festival is scheduled to take place September 7-10, 2023 at the Virginia International Speedway in Alton, VA.

ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT #1: Taproot (Reunion)

We are stoked to announce that TAPROOT will be reuniting at Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023! The Nu-Metal outfit has not toured since 2013, but will return to the Stage for 1 Night Only at Blue Ridge 2023. Taproot first broke out in the early 2000s with Gold-certified records "Gift" and "Welcome", as well as back to back Ozzfest Tours.

This is the first of several reunions and special performances already on-tap in our 2023 Lineup. Aside from all of the artists you have voted for, we are working hard to deliver you reunions and album plays that you would not normally have the chance to experience. Have a reunion or album set idea? Let us know in the Comments!

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anonymous 11/28/2022 3:48:13 PM

no one was clamoring for this. one good song 20 years ago or so... poem

anonymous 11/28/2022 3:52:21 PM

Damn, that bass is the most late-'90s/early-'00s "serious heavy musician" bass around, lol.

anonymous 11/28/2022 3:56:08 PM

All window tinting businesses in a 250 mile radius will be closed for this.

anonymous 11/28/2022 3:57:42 PM

Butt Toot

anonymous 11/28/2022 4:13:51 PM

Lambgoat and theprp are neck and neck with posting about washed up nu metal acts

anonymous 11/28/2022 4:14:04 PM


anonymous 11/28/2022 4:40:47 PM

Posers with gynecomastia are stoked.

anonymous 11/28/2022 4:43:50 PM

I remember seeing Taproot headline. It was with Nonpoint, who was touring for their first album, and Drowning Pool, whose singer hadn't died yet. Fun show.

anonymous 11/28/2022 4:48:23 PM

Why the f*ck do you guys post nu metal news?

lurkcity 11/28/2022 4:51:39 PM

anonymous 7 minutes ago I remember seeing Taproot headline. It was with Nonpoint, who was touring for their first album, and Drowning Pool, whose singer hadn't died yet. Fun show. this sounds like an ozzfest 2001 off date... i think i saw the same show elsewhere. 2 weeks later that guy died.

anonymous 11/28/2022 4:54:30 PM

Just a good, thickly veined taproot for all to enjoy.

PoultryInMotion 11/28/2022 5:36:30 PM

Ah, reminds me of the time I saw Static X right before Wayne died...

anonymous 11/28/2022 5:55:48 PM

Looks like the general manager is gonna have to make the schedules now that these boys are hittin the stage.

anonymous 11/28/2022 5:57:33 PM


anonymous 11/28/2022 6:03:15 PM


anonymous 11/28/2022 7:20:30 PM


anonymous 11/28/2022 10:20:27 PM

I have nothing negative to say.

anonymous 11/29/2022 12:27:04 AM

if you rearrange the letters in taproot, you get Toot Rap

anonymous 11/29/2022 1:51:54 AM

Tar Poot

anonymous 11/29/2022 3:12:14 AM

COVID killed my grandma but not these assholes.

anonymous 11/29/2022 3:38:34 AM

^Survival of the fittest.

anonymous 11/29/2022 3:52:39 AM

Butt Rock glory

anonymous 11/29/2022 4:12:27 AM

In 1998, Taproot sent their demo to Fred Durst after seeing a request for demos on Limp Bizkit's first album. Impressed with the material, Durst offered to get Taproot a recording contract through Interscope Records. However, after extended negotiations, Taproot decided to look elsewhere and finally landed a record deal with Atlantic Records. Durst heavily cursed the band on vocalist Stephen Richards' answering machine.

rick_tocchet 11/29/2022 6:21:49 AM

Taproot is better than 98% of the new horseshit posted on ghey5six youtube channel.

anonymous 11/29/2022 6:42:11 AM

Sammy The Boot aka Sammy Love aka ZORDON up in the house... whats up ya'll this bend suxck i had them on the attak rekerds 2005 they didnt draw no kids . Come see me at my merch ttable at the fest look for sign "Sammys Boots" i will have taproot and coal chambr hoodies on alstyle MOSH and pray, pray and mosh -honey bun Sam

anonymous 11/29/2022 6:54:31 AM

This fest is a dumpster-Furnace Fest

anonymous 11/29/2022 7:05:16 AM

Lurk and Dylan are the two biggest dorks in the world.

anonymous 11/29/2022 8:04:51 AM

Yo! Yo! Yo! Johnny Nobody here! We were gonna open up for Toproot in our home turf of Orlando, but the promoter said our music was too real for the masses. He also said my buggy, black eyes would terrify children. Ya feel me??? Suburban Noize records comin' at you in 2022! Whoop! Whoop!

anonymous 11/29/2022 9:33:33 AM

Taproot main stage at Furnace Fest and TIHC 2023

anonymous 11/29/2022 1:13:58 PM

Nothingface was better

anonymous 11/29/2022 2:21:04 PM

Their ex guitarist is probably going to go on another rant about this lol.

anonymous 11/29/2022 3:21:33 PM

Lol @ rick defending taproot. It's perfectly in character

anonymous 11/30/2022 8:06:48 AM

< dick root

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