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Vio-lence and guitarist Bobby Gustafson decide to part ways

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Yesterday the Bay Area thrash metal group Vio-lence posted via social media that guitarist Bobby Gustafson and the band have decided to amicably part ways. Gustafson, who originally spent time in Overkill, joined Vio-lence in 2020 filling in for then-guitarist Ray Vegas. In the post made yesterday, the band says that "logistical difficulties that weigh too heavy to function in a productive manner", whatever that may mean. There is no further information at this time regarding the split and Gustafson has yet to publicly address the split, however, it would he did recently share a post promoting Vio-lence playing in Europe just next week.



It should be said that one of the last Facebook posts Gustafson made was promoting their show MTV Headbangers Ball 2022 tour date in Stockholm, Sweden.


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anonymous 161 days ago


anonymous 160 days ago

The logistical difficulties are probably that he's based in New York and they're based in San Francisco. 🤷

anonymous 160 days ago

Never heard of this band before and I'm upset that I'm aware of them now.

anonymous 160 days ago

what is the percentile probablity that when a lamegoat band has a member "part ways" theyre doing damage control avoiding lamely trying to avoid responsibility of whatever is about to come?

anonymous 160 days ago

^Beautiful post. Beautiful to me is a person who understands reality & truth.

anonymous 160 days ago

I saw Bobby when he joined Skrew for one album.

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