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The Anchor, fronted by Metal Kitchen's Linzey Rae, release video

The Anchor

Denver, Colorado metalcore group The Anchor have unveiled a new video for "(Re) Avow". The track, initially released as part of 2018's Make It Last EP, is out now, on Manic Kat Records

Vocalist Linzey Rae explains:

"The story behind our track "(Re) Avow" is a call to action to keep fighting. Life can be like a war zone at times, and there is nothing that you do can change that. You just have to put your head down and push forward. No matter how high you have to climb, or how long you have to swim, just know that you are here for a reason and you will make it out of what you are going through."


The Anchor and Rae have made a name for themselves over the years off the success of their YouTube series, Metal Kitchen where Rae growls and sings cooking recipes over metalcore riffs. 

Below is their latest recipe for a pulled pork sandwich.


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