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Ceremony announce headlining US tour

They will be joined by Spy and Gel


Ceremony announced their first headlining tour in years. The first half of the trek will kick off in late September and will also include Spy. For the second half, the group will be joined by Gel. Tickets will be available starting Wednesday.

with Spy
9/30 Toronto, ON @ Nineteen Seventy Eight
10/1 Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary
10/2 Chicago, IL @ Schubas
10/3 Minneapolis, MN @ Studio B at Skyway Theatre
10/5 Denver, CO @ HQ
10/6 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
10/8 Seattle, WA @ Vera Project
10/9 Vancouver, BC @ Red Gate
10/10 Portland, OR @ Mano Oculta
10/12 Oakland, CA @ Starline Social Club
10/13 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex

with GEL
11/1 Austin, TX @ Far Out Lounge
11/2 Dallas, TX @ Tulips
11/4 Atlanta, GA @ Underground
11/5 Nashville, TN @ Third Man
11/7 Asheville, NC @ The Grey Eagle
11/8 Washington, DC @ DC9
11/9 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
11/10 Worcester, MA @ Palladium Upstairs
11/11 Brooklyn, NY @ The Meadows
11/12 Cleveland, OH @ Mahalls

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anonymous 8/8/2022 1:38:50 PM

Label this under, "What the f*ck is this shit."

anonymous 8/8/2022 1:47:53 PM

Spy rules

anonymous 8/8/2022 1:51:41 PM

Monkeypox announces headlining US tour

easyhateoven 8/8/2022 1:52:01 PM

They/them tour

anonymous 8/8/2022 1:57:27 PM

look at those female chauvinist pigs groping that poor lad. despicable...

anonymous 8/8/2022 1:59:47 PM

Yo what's good. Y'all good? Freddy "Madball" Cricen here reminding you that we 100% Republican Alt-right strong over here in the NYHC scene. Do not get vaccinated, do not listen to your health practitioners or medical experts. Listen to us in the DMS crew instead, we know what's best for you. Vote DeSantis or Donald John Trump only. Deport all illegals, build that wall. Support all truckers and overthrow your local democratically elected government. Peace yo and thank you for letting me represent this unique culture, this "thing of ours" worldwide. Blessings to all and white power!! -

anonymous 8/8/2022 2:12:46 PM

Comment above belongs to a gay.

anonymous 8/8/2022 2:13:11 PM

Shamgoat. This site sucks now. Who is excited to go see Ceremony, Spy, and Gel? f*cking no one.

anonymous 8/8/2022 2:54:45 PM


anonymous 8/8/2022 3:13:15 PM

It's really gay and it's also really gay.

anonymous 8/8/2022 3:17:55 PM

Van flip into an ocean of monkeypox.

anonymous 8/8/2022 3:23:12 PM

Singer looks like he's jacking it

anonymous 8/8/2022 3:39:21 PM

I'm so gay I've gotten monkeypox twice.

anonymous 8/8/2022 3:41:33 PM

Unisex bathroom users are stoked

anonymous 8/8/2022 4:22:43 PM

boring gay ass f*ck band andy nelson will prob get beat up in philly

anonymous 8/8/2022 4:41:22 PM

lol third man in nashville? why.

rick_tocchet 8/8/2022 5:16:49 PM

Homeless Gutter Punk Confused Tranny Tour 2022

anonymous 8/8/2022 6:30:43 PM

will leave after spy plays a 15 minute long set

anonymous 8/8/2022 6:59:13 PM

Biggest skip of the year if I'm being honest

anonymous 8/8/2022 7:15:20 PM

They were not good at Over The James 2022...

anonymous 8/8/2022 9:46:32 PM

Like how this site just casually mentions something called Spy and another thing called Gel like were supposed to know who tf they are

anonymous 8/9/2022 12:00:12 AM

Where the f*ck is the Far Out Lounge?

anonymous 8/9/2022 1:27:04 AM

Metal /Hardcore

anonymous 8/9/2022 2:16:15 AM

You Will Never Be Sheetrock

anonymous 8/9/2022 2:50:02 AM

Leftist groomer 2022 tour

anonymous 8/9/2022 2:51:40 AM

Yea but do they have their pronouns on their social media? Have they identified as ally's to the trans and non binary communities? Do they support Ukraine? Are they quadruple vaccinated? I need these questions answered before I decide if I like this or not.

anonymous 8/9/2022 3:08:38 AM

Anti-American, fake anarchists that voted for Joe Biden are PSYCHED.

anonymous 8/9/2022 3:57:44 AM

What's political (literally by definition)= Republicans voting to NOT impeach donald trump. What's legal= the motherf*cking FBI executing a lawfully signed and approved search warrant on your office. The impeachment was pure politics, significantly higher burden of proof than a court of law, and the outcome depends on literal political votes. This search warrant is part of a lawful, legal FBI investigation. My guess= trump, guiliani, and his goons get tried and convicted for a f*cking RICO case. It would be so ironic too because building RICO cases in a creative and interpretative manner is what made guiliani a national figure in the 80s

anonymous 8/9/2022 5:17:14 AM

Last date of the tour is at a f*cking bowling alley. Embarrassing.

anonymous 8/9/2022 7:52:57 AM

Damn, really wish the Chicago date was with Gel and not Spy. Gel f*cking rips

anonymous 8/9/2022 8:54:06 AM

grow up. wear gender-appropriate clothing you clowns. Why does this look like a bunch of underage teenage girls are groping the dude from the local battle of the bands talent show? Oh yeah, Cotati is a rich, yuppie bedroom community. Couldn't really hack it in Marin, CA.

anonymous 8/9/2022 9:39:44 AM

So many seething comments from washed up former B9 board dinosaurs who havent been to a show in ten years lmao.

anonymous 8/9/2022 12:46:34 PM

Imagine getting triggered by clothing and individual gender

anonymous 8/9/2022 12:56:24 PM

Conservatives and Christian fundamentalists are the biggest f*cking snowflakes. They try to ban books they don't like, ban curriculum they don't like, all while shitting their words out of their asshole like mouths to sky daddy. Yall are the f*cking Hillbilly Taliban, and it's f*cking sad cause yall choose this bull shit life and ideology

anonymous 8/9/2022 2:29:48 PM

Leftists are down with the FBI. Secret police are stoked.

anonymous 8/9/2022 3:06:51 PM

Leftists understand that a f*cking organizational executive apparatus that's tasked with maintaining public safety and societal order on a federal nationwide level is absolutely necessary in a country with as many resources and people. You dense motherf*cker

anonymous 8/9/2022 7:21:13 PM

I'm super duper gay and utilize preferred pronouns for some reason. Please pay attention to me. Signed, a liberal.

anonymous 8/10/2022 7:55:58 AM

^Thinks treating others like shit is an alpha virtue signal.

anonymous 8/10/2022 8:46:36 AM

^ eat my ass, donkey kong.

anonymous 8/10/2022 1:55:46 PM

the northeast seems like a cesspool imho

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