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The Devil Wears Prada announce new album 'Color Decay', share 'Salt' video

The Devil Wears Prada

Imani Givertz

Official press release:

The Devil Wears Prada — Mike Hranica (vocals), Jeremy DePoyster (vocals, guitar), Mason Nagy (bass), Kyle Sipress (guitar), Jonathan Gering (keys, synthesizers), and Giuseppe Capolupo (drums) — have announced their eighth album Color Decay. It will arrive on September 16 via Solid State.

Today, the band has shared the video for the new single "Salt." Watch it here:

"'Salt' is a song about trying to move forward and then feeling like nothing ever changes, even when you've seemingly done everything right," the band says. "It's the sort of feeling that makes you question every move you've ever made. Initially, the lyrics were just about having trouble writing songs for our new record, but soon, we realized that this feeling of fighting only to be stagnant and held down applies to so much more in our lives. It was really a breakthrough track and allowed us to dive in even deeper into what became Color Decay."

Color Decay track listing:

01. Exhibition
02. Salt
03. Watchtower
04. Noise
05. Broken
06. Sacrifice
07. Trapped
08. Time
09. Twenty-Five
10. Fire
11. Hallucinate
12. Cancer


The Devil Wears Prada have been consistently delivering since forming in 2005. Fans voted 2009's seminal With Roots Above and Branches Below one of the 5 Greatest Metalcore Albums in a Revolver poll, with the magazine christening it "a true metalcore landmark." The group has notched six consecutive Top 5 debuts on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums Chart, including Dead Throne (2011), 8:18 (2013), Space EP (2015), Transit Blues (2016), The Act (2019), and ZII EP (2021). The latter served as a sequel to one of their most beloved projects — 2010's Zombie EP. In the wake of the EP, the group exceeded a-quarter-of-a-billion cumulative streams and views. During 2021, the musicians decamped to remote hideaways together in Wisconsin and Desert Hot Springs, California. This time around, Jon took the reins as producer, collaborating closely to assemble a rich sonic architecture for what would become Color Decay.


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evil_hero 121 days ago

i feel embarrassed for them to have had such a wack career and still be releasing terrible music

ej 121 days ago

as a lg cpa, i'd like to advise tdwp to drop the keys and 2nd guitarist. put that shit through a backing track and you can divide your 5k a night 4 ways instead of 6

anonymous 121 days ago

Them and Parkway having a competition for the worst song of the year. Congrats!

anonymous 121 days ago

lol at " a-quarter-of-a-billion" when "over 250 million" is easier to type

anonymous 121 days ago

ej 19 minutes ago as a lg cpa, i'd like to advise tdwp to drop the keys and 2nd guitarist. put that shit through a backing track and you can divide your 5k a night 4 ways instead of 6 Detailed breakdown of their finances per show, please

anonymous 121 days ago

unpopular opinion, but having jon as a producer is going to take this band to a new level. i was in a band with jon over a decade ago, and even then, his writing talent was superb. no, this band is not (insert your favorite hardcore/metal band here), but for what they're doing, it's good. then again, this IS lambgoat. i'm not sure why i keep coming back here, haha. -dm

anonymous 121 days ago

That makes two terrible songs out today. PWD and TDWP---YIKES

anonymous 120 days ago

Most useless metalcore band ever

anonymous 120 days ago

second early to mid 00s metalcore band to release a butt rock anthem today

anonymous 120 days ago

Angelina Jolie should be on this

anonymous 120 days ago

BMTH did it better in 2015

anonymous 119 days ago

They look like they work at the Urban Outfitters in Menlo Mall.

anonymous 119 days ago

I don't give a fck Here for the comments

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