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Suicide Silence to release new album 'Remember... You Must Die' in early 2023

Suicide Silence have revealed plans to release their seventh studio album in early 2023. Titled Remember... You Must Die, the new outing was produced Taylor Young (Code Orange, Ringworm) and will be released via Century Media Records, whose roster Suicide Silence rejoined this past winter. A teaser can be found below.

In the interim, Suicide Silence will spend a portion of September touring with Lamb Of God and Killswitch Engage. You can check out those dates here.

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ej 6/7/2022 7:31:53 AM

lol at the font choice in that vid

ej 6/7/2022 7:32:24 AM

arial black?

anonymous 6/7/2022 7:38:15 AM

Can't wait for the "Suicide Silence frontman accused of 17 year old sexual misconduct" Part 2 LG Post

anonymous 6/7/2022 8:12:56 AM

Unvaccinated mall metal for thirty five year old losers who still wear studded belts.

anonymous 6/7/2022 8:20:47 AM

With Taylor's help it will be the best thing they have ever released. Not a fan of the band but who knows what the future holds

anonymous 6/7/2022 9:10:02 AM

It doesn't hold anything.

anonymous 6/7/2022 10:36:05 AM

evil_hero 6/7/2022 10:57:14 AM

i remember alright. remember that this bands a bunch of choads

anonymous 6/7/2022 11:08:11 AM

boosted groomers

anonymous 6/7/2022 11:17:47 AM

Only losers and posers take vaccines. Real men don't worry about the Shanghai Shivers

anonymous 6/7/2022 11:52:31 AM

Real men talk to grown women

anonymous 6/7/2022 11:55:51 AM

"Sounds groundbreaking!" - No one

_d0thack_ 6/7/2022 12:09:20 PM

I won't be listening to this hot garbage

anonymous 6/7/2022 12:23:00 PM

Shit band from the beginning. f*ck bitch lucker and f*ck deathcore

carveyournamein 6/7/2022 12:51:30 PM

No care.

anonymous 6/7/2022 12:54:10 PM

Imagine calling yourself "Slamming Brutal Death Metal" but you play deathcore

anonymous 6/7/2022 1:35:28 PM

remember … reform all shall perish or no one cares.

anonymous 6/7/2022 1:52:54 PM

Mitch rolled over in his grave a longg time ago

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