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Beartooth complete new album

Caleb Shomo: 'No one is ready for what we're about to drop'

It's been less than a year since the release of their latest album, Below, but Beartooth have another record in the pipeline. In fact, according to frontman and leader Caleb Shomo, the new album is "done."


Speaking to Rock Sound amid this past weekend's Slam Dunk Festival, Shomo had the following to say about forthcoming music:

"It's coming real soon… done. The music video is shot. The photo shoot... done. The album art is finished. There is a whole new era, a whole new everything, a complete overhaul... new shit coming real soon. I'm very excited. No one is fucking ready for what we're about to drop, I'll tell you that... I will tell you that."

Shomo avoided mentioning any sort of timeline or release schedule, but you can watch the interview here:

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