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Ov Sulfur (ex-Suffokate) sign with Century Media Records

The band will release new track 'Wide Open' on June 8th.

Official press release:

Vegas blackened deathcore band Ov Sulfur announce their signing to Century Media Records

"We're beyond excited to join forces with Century Media, whose stellar roster speaks for itself. They've been at the forefront of every scene, regularly picking up the best each subgenre has to offer right before it really explodes. That they saw promise in us was truly affirming and invigorating, especially after only a year-and-a-bit as a band," states the band about signing to Century Media.

Additionally, Ov Sulfur are gearing up to release their new track "Wide Open" on June 8th. Stay tuned for more details on that release. In the meantime, the band have launched a contest for their Century Media debut track. Fans can pre-save/pre-add the single starting today and one lucky winner will win Ricky's custom made "Wide Open" shirt seen in the band's previous music video for "Behind the Hand of God" and during all their live shows.

"We've been teasing 'Wide Open' since our first music video, where Ricky wore a custom-made shirt that quickly became his stage gear. We're happy that this liminal song will serve as our first release on Century Media, closing the last chapter and ushering in a new one."

"Fans have been asking about where to get that shirt for ages, and as of now you can—well one person can. One person who pre-saves/pre-adds the single will win Ricky's original shirt. (Don't worry, we'll wash it first.) We've also got a revamped version playing off the single art for sale on our Indie Merch store."


Someone should have warned God to keep his enemies close because Ricky Hoover's been biding his time and sharpening his blades. The former Suffokate vocalist swapped his mic for a straight razor, tour life for family life and, yes, those huge stretched ears for comparably large muscles. In short, Hoover is ready for war.

Last August's Oblivion EP was just the first volley, one planned over a decade away from music. With Century Media on board, it's about to get goddamn apocalyptic on forthcoming single "Wide Open" and beyond. "Wide Open" finds their blackened deathcore reaching bleaker depths, with Hoover's growls plumbing the abyssic depths and summoning lesser demons' screeching. Guitarists Chase Wilson and Matt Janz build the perfect brutal backdrop complete with three breakdowns—plus a dueling solo for good measure—while mononymously named rhythm section (bassist Ding and drummer Leviathvn) provide a solid yet frenetic base.

A band born from the pandemic, it's been less than a year since the debut release and just over one since debut single "Behind the Hand of God," yet the growth is palpable. The band sold out their first show, which doubled as a record release, following it with two weekends of solid headliners before hitting the road with the likes of Carnifex, Impending Doom, Signs of the Swarm, Bury Your Dead, Enterprise Earth, Worm Shepherd and more. Up next is a run supporting As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel and Shadow of Intent.


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anonymous 83 days ago

Ov Sheetrock

evil_hero 83 days ago

these dudes wife strippers and catch DV charges on the reg

anonymous 82 days ago

is anyone up?

anonymous 82 days ago

annoying white guys that play bass are stoked

anonymous 82 days ago

Someone should have warned God to keep his enemies close because Ricky Hoover's been biding his time and sharpening his blades. lol

anonymous 82 days ago

generic lyrics are stoked

_steelpanda_ 82 days ago

Ov Hell is better.

anonymous 82 days ago

People whose ear spacers are larger than their cock rings are stoked

anonymous 82 days ago

I'd rather drink an OV Split and I'm straightedge. Band is total dog water.

anonymous 82 days ago

Ov Generic

anonymous 82 days ago


anonymous 82 days ago

Seriously someone take the boomer press release thing out into the field and put it down. Just post the YouTube link/album name/track listing and keep it moving.

anonymous 82 days ago

this press release. YIKES

anonymous 82 days ago

Wide open - that would be all these guys' anuses

anonymous 82 days ago

Ov nerds

anonymous 82 days ago

Spelling band names with k instead of c and v instead of F is stoked

anonymous 82 days ago

Ricky is the softest bitch to ever play music. Saw him many times on the road run and hide when the real shit his the fan but he was a busy body handjob boy when singers in bands over him on the bill needed anything done

dog_boner 82 days ago

Does Ding go brr brr?

anonymous 82 days ago

Ov sulfur "wide open" - get ready for the egg fart tornado gust tour 2022

anonymous 82 days ago

Suffokate on my wide open fart ov sulfur , right now

anonymous 82 days ago

two weekends of solid headliners

oillipolo 82 days ago

Fraggle Rock

anonymous 82 days ago

Tom Hanks funny guy Tom Hanks

wwjd 80 days ago

A band born from the pandemic lmao

anonymous 80 days ago

Not one not two but THREE xBREAKDOWNSx

carveyournamein 80 days ago

No click.

anonymous 80 days ago

I have specific colors I use on my excel sheets to coordinate the days. I've never deviated from those and getting a 4th color took more than a second to make it look "right". I always have a pack of shirts and clean socks. I usually get sick after the fest. I used to hang up the fresh laminate on the wall with the rest of them from the years before.

anonymous 80 days ago

Press release reads like it was drafted by "ANDY OCEANO."

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