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Unleashed drummer breaks ribs, band cancels festival performance

Anders Schultz, drummer of Swedish death metal band Unleashed, has broken his ribs in an accident, forcing the group to cancel their performance at today's Incineration Fest in London, UK.

Unleashed had this to say: "We are extremely sad to inform you that Anders just had an accident and broke his ribs. Hence he has trouble breathing and is unable to play the show in London on Saturday the 7th. Right now we are all just very disappointed but there is nothing we can do but to cancel our show."


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rick_tocchet 95 days ago


anonymous 95 days ago

A very disappointed Anders didn't quite know it yet, but little did he know this little rib mishap and show cancelation would turn the tides and drastically alter the course of history forever, shaping a better future for both him, and humanity as a whole. You see, a realization will occur at the festival that will lead to the undoing of death metal as a whole. Though the absence of Unleashed may at first seem like a simple disappointing outcome to a less-than-stellar festival, eventually it will lead to more cancelations of fellow death metal bands from all over the world. The silly activity that is making loud noises through what is commonly called death metal will become obsolete. Boredom will start striking every show and event, both with performers and concert-goers alike, and they will begin to wonder why they wasted so much of their precious time playing the same riffs over and over again. Death metal will become death.

anonymous 95 days ago

Self suck gone wrong

anonymous 95 days ago

In b4 "ribs broke bcuz jab"

anonymous 95 days ago

Self suck gone wrong >>> How was Marilyn Manson able to remove x amount of his ribs so he could self suck?

anonymous 95 days ago

Was he vaccinated

anonymous 94 days ago

How was Marilyn Manson able to remove x amount of his ribs so he could self suck? -a little late to be asking that now, Anders, Dontcha think???

Serpent 94 days ago


anonymous 94 days ago

Fat Pat had extra ribs surgically implanted to improve his expansion.

anonymous 93 days ago

Honestly.. seriously.. what the f*ck was he doing to have broken his ribs on an international tour? What a goon

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