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Rotting Christ debut new track feat. Lars Nedland of Borknagar

Greek metal group Rotting Christ have unveiled a new song titled "Holy Mountain," which features guest vocals from Lars Nedland of Borknagar (with whom Rotting Christ are currently touring North America). The single will be released exclusively on flexi disc through Decibel Magazine while a video for the track can be viewed here:


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anonymous 118 days ago

Ned Nederlander

evil_hero 118 days ago

RIP ugly old guy

anonymous 118 days ago

currently touring north america, where the month/day format is recognized in the proper way. must be driving them nuts.

anonymous 118 days ago

Holy mountain printing is stoked

rick_tocchet 118 days ago

I was going to see these dudes play here in Tampa but I got confused about when they were here and Happy Hour. Anyway, did you hear about the Greek's Navy's slogan????? 'Never Leave Your Brother's BEHIND' ???

floorpuncher 117 days ago

ah sounds edgy :)

anonymous 116 days ago

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anonymous 116 days ago

HOLY Mountain this song sucks!

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