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Quicksand, ex-Deftones bassist Sergio Vega working on song with Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die)

Vega and Buckley both recently split with their main bands and obviously have some extra time on their hands.

Not long after announcing his departure from Deftones, bass player Sergio Vega (who remains a member of Quicksand) revealed that he had some new projects in the works, though he failed to share any specifics.

This week Vega appeared as a guest on the Talk Toomey Podcast and was asked about his new endeavors. Vega revealed that he's started a "writing project" with Spotlights drummer Chris Enriquez that will find the pair releasing singles, each with a different vocalist. Among the tracks they've worked on thus far is a song featuring former Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley. There's no word yet on when the new music will make its online debut, but Vega did share the following details:

"Ordinarily, I don't like to say things that are happening until they're done. In the case of Quicksand, we don't announce that we have a record until it's done; we won't say we're working on something. But in light of the excitement that we have about doing it I felt a little more inclined to put it out there a little bit, just enough to keep it... a little spark. So basically, in short, it's a writing project with a friend of mine named Chris Enriquez, he plays drums in [the] band Spotlights and what we're doing is a singles-based project. It's like, we get with a singer, we talk a little bit about a vibe and we write a song together. And that's it. Right when we record the song, we put it together and we give it a little visual component. It was kind of inspired by an Argentine hip-hop producer, who has this series songs that he does with a lot of artists, mostly rappers and some singers. Does a song, records it, that's it. It's a series. And the idea of using that as a modality in this kind of music was really, really exciting. You don't have the thing of like trying to build a band. You don't have to deal with the time conflicts with the people you may want to work with... it opens up a lot."So currently we have like a song done. We have one almost done. And then last week we started working on a track with Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die. And it's super exciting because we got on the phone and we just talked about life. He, Chris, and I had a quick FaceTime. We hadn't met each other, obviously well aware of each other, and really, really hit it off. So it's a rare time that I feel compelled to mention the person, because of the situation and the... just the spark that came off of that. They did with the other projects as well, but it was like a thing of, oh my god, we talked, we hit it off. [I] picked up my guitar immediately and started tracking an idea based off of our conversation and asked for his, uh... to see [if] he was cool, just said, 'hey', mentioned we're doing a track together... he's super stoked. That's kind of what it is, so we do a song."

During the conversation, Vega also went in-depth about the circumstances surrounding his exit from Deftones. You can listen to the entire interview here:

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