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Empty Throne reveal new lineup feat. ex-members of Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation

Official press release:

Melodic/blackened death metal band Empty Throne is once again on the move with plans of sending even larger ripples through the metal world by turning an already impressive lineup into a full-fledged supergroup. With writing underway for their upcoming full-length, Empty Throne has added Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Six Feet Under) and Mike Smith (ex-Suffocation) to the fold.

One of the most renowned guitarists in metal today, Jack will be providing his legendary riffage that helped define the last three decades of death metal. Mike will take the helm behind the kit delivering his unmistakably brutal drumming style. The two veterans will join returning Empty Throne members C.R. Petit (Angerot), Jason Ellsworth (Angerot), and Michael J Pardi (Possessed, Draconis, Ritual) for what promises to be an absolute powerhouse of an album. Stay tuned for the next hellish chapter of Empty Throne.


Empty Throne formed in 2020 with C.R. Petit and Jason Ellsworth of Angerot joining forces with Mike Pardi (Possessed, Draconis, Ritual) and Gabe Seeber (Kennedy Veil, Decrepit Birth, Black Crown Initiate, Abbath) with a goal of creating a unique blend of Death, Black and Thrash Metal. The styling of Empty Throne has been referred to as "Hellish Blackened Deathrash". It draws upon the violent propulsion of 80's thrash. The agile savagery of mid-90s Gothenburg-style death metal. Rabid vocals blended with dark atmospherics of late-stage black metal. The result was a ferocious onslaught of speed, power, and outright aggression backed with deadly hooks and grooves. The members of Empty Throne are all veteran hell-bringers and have deep lineage in the extreme metal genre.

Empty Throne partnered with the upcoming label Wise Blood Records to release their three-track 23-minute debut EP, Glossolalia, in 2021 to rave reviews. The EP quickly sold out and proved the band a force to be heard.


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carveyournamein 119 days ago

Better not suck.

carveyournamein 119 days ago

But it probably will.

anonymous 119 days ago

Those pre show beers won't pay for themselves.

anonymous 119 days ago

Jack Owen really needs the money

anonymous 119 days ago

Jack is f*cking awesome.

evil_hero 119 days ago

these dudes got 6ths on the local lot lizard

Portslob 119 days ago

Stfu carve!

anonymous 118 days ago

Mike Smith is back f*ck yes

anonymous 118 days ago

53 monthly listeners on Spotify… /thread

anonymous 118 days ago

Mike Smith fckin rules

anonymous 118 days ago

this should read featuring ex members of Cannibal Corpse and THE ONLY MEMBER OF SUFFOCATION THAT MATTERED

anonymous 118 days ago

Empty Throne is once again on the move with plans of sending even larger ripples through the metal world This implies someone noticed them before now.

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