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Architects debut new song and music video 'When We Were Young'

Architects have unveiled a new single titled "When We Were Young." The new track is accompanied by a video, directed by drummer Architects Dan Searle, that is available for viewing here:


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evil_hero 115 days ago

when i was young this band didnt exist and the world was a better place. them being so terrible basically wreaks havoc on my vibrational energy. i need to take peyote with rick tocchet at 3am and take a spirit bath in tampa bay to cleanse my chakras

anonymous 115 days ago

Month/Day for tour dates. Just remember that idiots

rick_tocchet 114 days ago

Architects??? More like FARTITECTS!!!!! AMIRITE?!??!?!?!?!?1111 G00d Vibez only man!!!

VodkaVeins 114 days ago

Beginning was okay, but it gets way too Hollywood Undead real f*ckin' quick...

anonymous 114 days ago

glad pissed rick is at it again

anonymous 114 days ago

At least 2 of them are dressed semi nice!

anonymous 114 days ago

When we were young, this band was actually good.

anonymous 114 days ago

Stealing the title of the second biggest Killers song ever is surely the way to get 500 more Spotify spins.

anonymous 114 days ago

I will never listen to this and will only listen to the killers song

anonymous 114 days ago

They should have quit when they lost their only creative force to cancer. f*cking cancer ruins everything.

anonymous 114 days ago

Play your old stuff!!!! Shit sucksssss

anonymous 114 days ago

"Hollow Crown" >>>>>> everything else they've ever recorded

anonymous 114 days ago

lookin good, soundin' good, using that pop formula perfectly, proper repetition and god that hook and the bridge is LITERALLY the dad vibes limp bizkit tune i just heard 10 minutes ago. siq.

anonymous 113 days ago

This shit is dope! FU all!

timelordtwo 113 days ago

Rick tochet would bench press this entire band

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