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Architects frontman Sam Carter releases first children's book

A significant portion of the proceeds will benefit two dog rescue organizations.

Official press release:

Sam Carter, frontman of the British band Architects has released his first children's book, Sophia Fox Dog Gets Adopted, which was co-written with his fiancé Abby Kirk.

The book was written when Abby was working in a school with many children who had been in foster care or through the adoption process. They realized that those kids’ stories were largely not represented in children’s books and wanted to write a book for the class to show that their stories were important too.

The story also aims to teach children to think about what rescue dogs may have gone through in the past before finding their adoptive families. This is a cause close to Sam and Abbey's hearts, because Sophia Fox Dog Gets Adopted main character is Sam and Abby’s beloved rescue dog Sophia, who was adopted from Romania. Therefore a large portion of the proceeds will go to Wunderdog Rescue and Romanian Rescue Appeal to help more dogs like Sophia find their forever families.

Announcing the book on Instagram, Sam Carter said that the book was "something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m so proud of my partner."

Wonderfully illustrated by Victoria Chexner, Sophia Fox Dog Gets Adopted is out now from


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evil_hero 113 days ago

lol at the only comment being spam

anonymous 113 days ago

Don't like the band but this is extremely respectable. If the dude above me heard the story as a child wouldn't be a hoomophobe.

ej 113 days ago

"here buddy, found a good book i can read to you before bed! you're not actually adopted, but daddy architects wrote this book and i love their bleghs ^_^"

lordzedd 113 days ago

Awesome anti Jesus guy teaching my kid about anti Jesus things...

VodkaVeins 113 days ago

That's pretty damn cool. Haevs respeck

anonymous 113 days ago

Co-written with Abby Kirk at Abbey Road

anonymous 113 days ago

makes sense since their immature music is for children as well. make some grown up riffs you douchbags

anonymous 113 days ago


anonymous 113 days ago

Wow this is racist against cats

anonymous 113 days ago


anonymous 113 days ago

Hopefully he writes better books than songs.

anonymous 113 days ago

Honestly though this is really cool of him.

anonymous 113 days ago

Damn this is that book Ted Cruz was reading at the confirmation hearings.... small world

anonymous 113 days ago

Typical modern western female - childless, dog obsessed, and fawns over unnatural family structures whilst telling other people's children what they should be thinking. Bet she has an arseh*le like a burst cigar from demanding butt fun.

anonymous 113 days ago

Still beyond most reading levels here.

anonymous 113 days ago

These f*cking dognutters are intolerable with their nonstop d0gGo shit. Give it a rest man.

floorpuncher 113 days ago

but does it teach CRT?

anonymous 113 days ago

This guy couldn't even get the grammar right in his last album title and he's teaching kids? This is orwellian, this is 1984.

anonymous 112 days ago

"Just a bunch of f*cking animals" 🤔😝

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