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ex-King Conquer bassist Adam Whited dies


Adam Whited, founder and bassist of the defunct Floridian deathcore band King Conquer, has died, according to his brother Chris Whited.

Chris announced Adam's death via Facebook Tuesday afternoon. His statement is as follows:

It's very odd to be writing this. From as far back as I can remember you were why I did the things I do in this life. I played baseball because of you, I skateboarded because of you, I wanted to know how to fight because of you, I started playing music because of you, I played my first show because of you, I did my first tour because of you, my first ever tattoo was for you, the reason I'm so strong mentally is because you told me I had to be when we ran away from home, and the reason I'm okay with matters like this is because you taught me how to look for the best in things at such a young age.

My next tattoo will be for you, and the next piece of music I write will be for you. I promise to remember the happy times and the hard times! "Brothers Till The End"

I love you Adam Michael McNee Whited.
I'll see you on the other side dude.

Adam and Chris founded the band in 2002, originally under the name Dark Skies Have Fallen. A few years after releasing their first EP in 2005 and changing their name to A Horror Story, they renamed the band King Conquer.

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