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The Callous Daoboys sign with MNRK Heavy, premiere new video

Official press release:

Atlanta, Georgia mathcore upstarts, The Callous Daoboys, have joined MNRK Heavy together with Modern Static Records for the release of their impending new full-length.

A recklessly free-spirited collective, The Callous Daoboys is made of six members, featuring a violinist and multiple vocal contributions. Together they deliver a vibrant combination of mathcore, sasscore, and post-hardcore -- a sound that is at once abrasive, chaotic, and classy. Reveling in high-strung extremity their music is dense, impenetrable, and chaotic yet confusingly inviting as each song deliriously swerves across stylistic lines.

In celebration of The Callous Daoboys' union with MNRK Heavy, today the band unveils their new single and video, "A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops." Now playing at BrooklynVegan, the track marks a triumphant return and artistic leap forward from their previous material, careening through fractures of abstract and heavy, flaunting their unhinged chaos without sacrificing accessibility. The band's use of expanded soundscapes is complimentary to their spastic, hook-driven approach to writing, creating a truly unique style of mathcore.

Elaborates vocalist Carson Pace of the track, "Capturing your first experience of Déjà vu? Have you heard this breakdown before? Does it matter? What are the intentions of man's best friend? Start over."

Adds BrooklynVegan, "With three minutes of shapeshifting metalcore that sounds even more chaotic than anything on Die On Mars, ‘A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops' already proves that the wait has been worth it. It continues the Daoboys' knack for fusing Botch/Converge-style mathcore with Every Time I Die/The Chariot-style theatrics, but even that description can't prepare you for this beast, which also incorporates white noise, a spoken word head trip, a deathcore-ish breakdown, and a complete disregard for traditional song structure."


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anonymous 3/29/2022 6:35:08 PM


anonymous 3/29/2022 6:43:41 PM

Vegans who eat fake meat and lie to themselves about how good it is listen to this

anonymous 3/29/2022 6:48:59 PM

Here for the comments.

anonymous 3/29/2022 6:51:12 PM

dropped a nice long, curly turd today, how about you guys?

anonymous 3/29/2022 6:53:01 PM


anonymous 3/29/2022 7:09:30 PM

4/4 is hardly mathcore. Just goes to show out a female in your band and it will get signed even if it's run of the mill regurgitated garbage.

anonymous 3/29/2022 7:09:51 PM

Usually anything labeled a "collective" or praised by Brooklyn Vegan is awful.

anonymous 3/29/2022 7:12:25 PM

Oh cool they have a fiddle player.

anonymous 3/29/2022 7:16:18 PM

I've had beer shits that sounded better than this. Who's signing this f*cking garbage.

anonymous 3/29/2022 7:17:53 PM

Honestly something that really sticks out to me are these masturbatory press releases. It's 2022 we don't need them we just need links and an update. You're lucky if people even make it through your 4 minute song yet you want them to read 3 paragraphs of auto-fellatio? There isn't a single thing that hasn't been written in a different way. This antique of the industry model needs to be retired.

anonymous 3/29/2022 7:39:27 PM

Hate the ladies and gentlemen circus hollering vocal style on this

anonymous 3/29/2022 7:53:59 PM

so D E P, tony danza, iwabo, what's he building in there, and at all cost some how had offspring, and formed this band.

anonymous 3/29/2022 8:08:59 PM

It's like metalcore Say Anything which was also a shite band.

anonymous 3/29/2022 8:25:35 PM

More woke bullshit

rick_tocchet 3/29/2022 8:28:06 PM

April fools cum early. What IS a female?????

anonymous 3/29/2022 8:57:52 PM


anonymous 3/29/2022 9:00:11 PM

I gotta be honest. This shit stinks.

anonymous 3/29/2022 9:01:15 PM

If Design the Skyline came from Williamsburg

anonymous 3/29/2022 9:30:26 PM

I look forward to the comment-disabled war on women style callout with this group in a few years

carveyournamein 3/30/2022 5:03:47 AM


anonymous 3/30/2022 5:20:54 AM

Terrible, just like all bands in Atlanta

anonymous 3/30/2022 5:26:53 AM

This is better than death metal

evil_hero 3/30/2022 5:32:55 AM

sasscore, huh?

anonymous 3/30/2022 5:46:01 AM

Are they vaccinated

anonymous 3/30/2022 6:02:11 AM

Band rocks

anonymous 3/30/2022 6:25:04 AM

Nothing special

anonymous 3/30/2022 6:26:34 AM

For a band that used to be mostly womxn, they went pretty patriarchal with all these dudes replacing the fierce chicks.

anonymous 3/30/2022 6:37:01 AM

What a dumb band name ppl will forget in 10 mins

anonymous 3/30/2022 6:49:42 AM

Dude it was a GI jane joke

anonymous 3/30/2022 7:13:34 AM

black navy guys in norfolk that like the Dallas Cowboys and ride rice rockets on 264 are stoked and somewhat confused as to what football has to do with this.

anonymous 3/30/2022 7:29:27 AM

I are confused by the hair.

anonymous 3/30/2022 8:03:18 AM

The webmaster sure knows how to drive traffic.

anonymous 3/30/2022 8:06:58 AM

for fans of biden voters

anonymous 3/30/2022 8:35:26 AM

This is not good

anonymous 3/30/2022 8:37:27 AM

Please laugh at the clowns

anonymous 3/30/2022 9:01:46 AM

The Holy Trinity of wokeness: Ukraine BLM Fauci

BigDog 3/30/2022 9:08:09 AM

The Muddy Mudd Boys Only true shitjaculators will enjoy this news.

anonymous 3/30/2022 9:22:58 AM

You voted for pedo Biden, we get it. Now go make me a latte, keep the soy milk.

anonymous 3/30/2022 9:57:16 AM

Mathcore my ass

anonymous 3/30/2022 9:58:37 AM

"so D E P, tony danza, iwabo, what's he building in there, and at all cost some how had offspring, and formed this band." Like f*cking IWABO wasn't bad enough.

anonymous 3/30/2022 10:58:56 AM

I dig it.

anonymous 3/30/2022 11:05:19 AM

Too all the people hating on this show is on the doll where the band hurt you?

anonymous 3/30/2022 12:37:21 PM

*points to ears*

anonymous 3/30/2022 1:36:53 PM

Too all the people hating on this show is on the doll where the band hurt you? White knight/tumblr feminist is here. Shut it all down, yall.

anonymous 3/30/2022 1:37:41 PM

And more importantly.. learn to proofread, you neanderthal

anonymous 3/30/2022 3:14:22 PM

Surely this won't sound as annoying as the name of the band!

floorpuncher 3/30/2022 6:50:55 PM

stay in school daoboys

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