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Caliban shared title track of new album 'Dystopia'

German metallers Caliban have unveiled the title track of their forthcoming album, Dystopia, which is slated for an April 22 release through Century Media Records. The new song features Christoph Wieczorek of Annisokay and can be heard below.


“'Dystopia' is about the world being fake. Who are you in this world, or especially in the technological / digital age behind our screens where you can be anyone. The song is feat. Christoph Wieczorek of Annisokay on vocals," says Caliban vocalist Andreas Dörner.


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anonymous 180 days ago

Speaking of fake let's talk about those drums.

rick_tocchet 180 days ago

Damn calling out all the keyboard warriors on this board that hide behind the anon names and talk a never ending amount of shit. Btw didnt listen to the song.

anonymous 180 days ago

I owned a caliban shirt I got it Hot Topic back in like 2006. What was I thinking lol

anonymous 180 days ago

Didn't listen but I bet it has 6 Bass player hooks so noke air.

anonymous 180 days ago

wasn't half bad. but as stated the drums sound so fake and its mixed so terrible.

anonymous 179 days ago

Why is there 1 good album not on Spotify? Annoying

anonymous 179 days ago

Caliban is very hit or miss. This is a hit!!! Good song and drums sound fine to me!

anonymous 177 days ago

well, it's caliban so it's basically a copy of what metalcore was about 5 years ago

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