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'Death metal round table' made Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under, ex-Cannibal Corpse) 'physically ill'

death metal round table

Former Cannibal Corpse and current Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes took to Twitter earlier today to express contempt for 'A Death Metal Round Table' video discussion recently streamed by Knotfest.

The session featured George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (Barnes' replacement in Cannibal Corpse), Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), Chase Mason (Gatecreeper), and Alex Jones (Undeath) having a wide-ranging conversation.

Barnes said of the video, "I just watched a 'death metal' podcast on YouTube that was done about a week ago with the 'top' death metal vocalists... it made me physically ill. I despise what this genre has become."

His failure to provide additional context appears to have prompted Hatebreed frontman and podcaster Jamey Jasta to ask Barnes to "come on the podcast and discuss."

Barnes wasn't having it, concluding a little back-and-forth with Jasta via, "I'm just not a shill." You can check out their brief interaction below.

Jamey Jasta and Chris Barnes

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