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Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley issues lengthy statement: 'this is my truth'

The acrimonious saga that is the implosion of Every Time I Die continues to play out on social media as frontman Keith Buckley has now issued an extensive statement detailing what he refers to as "my truth."

According to Buckley, despite assertions to the contrary, there were no attempts from his bandmates to contact or converse with him between the band's December 3rd statement — the one announcing Buckley's exit from tour for 'mental health' reasons — and Buckley's receipt of "a legal document stating that I was no longer a member of Every Time I Die, but the other four members were."

Buckley goes on to state that "the pandemic changed me," but his ensuing attempts to forge a more healthful relationship with his bandmates was not warmly received. "My mental health was thrown into question when it suited them," says Buckley. "Or instead, it was used as a weapon against me when my boundaries offended the consciences of those repeatedly trying to cross them."


He also reveals that the band's demise "was inevitable," stating, "Our problems with each other go back decades. We should have broken up in 2014 to be honest. But we didn't, for our own reasons."

Keith Buckley's entire statement can be read via Instagram below.

For their part, the other members of Every Time I Die appear to be considering the formation of a new band with a new vocalist.

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