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Cult Of Luna cancel European tour with Alcest, Svalbard

Cult Of Luna have cancelled their February and March tour of Europe and the UK, which had also been scheduled to feature Alcest and Svalbard.

Cult Of Luna issued the following statement:

"We hoped that it wouldn't come to this. You all know the situation we're in and at the moment it's still too unsafe to tour Europe, which means that we have to cancel the February/March tour. We're all super disappointed about this but we to adapt to reality. These are dark times for sure but it's important to keep in mind that people's health and lives are the only thing that is important - everything else can wait.

"Pandemics happen every now and then, it's just that our generation hasn't experienced anything like it. As before, humanity will get through this. The faster we all get vaccinated and act responsible the quicker we will get back to normal, because we will. We promise that we'll still be here and we hope that you guys have thee patience to wait for us.

"All tickets will be reimbursed and we will update you as soon as possible regarding new touring plans. Beyond the Redshift Festival and October 2022 tour are maintained."

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