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ERRA cancel Europe/UK tour with Dayseeker, Brand Of Sacrifice, Hollow Front

ERRA have cancelled their headlining tour of Europe and the UK, which had been slated to take place next month and feature support from Dayseeker, Brand Of Sacrifice, and Hollow Front.

The band has issued the following statement:

"We held out as long as possible to keep this tour going, but unfortunately, we have to cancel our EU/UK headliner in February.

"To provide a little context, stricter regulations were introduced in Germany and elsewhere in Europe back in November, which have only tightened through the holidays. From what we've come to understand from our team in Europe, promoters in some of the countries we're hitting (while technically allowed to put on shows) are limited to heavily reduced capacities (some as low as 25%). Along with this revelation, there are also the major financial risks associated with any of us testing positive for Covid, the primary risk being forced to forfeit our transportation rental on the spot and not only unable to play, but also being stranded in another continent without a means of transporting all of our gear.

"Please bear in mind that at the time of announcing this tour last summer, these setbacks we're clarifying were not in place nor anticipated to be a factor by February. A lot of this is new info and we held out as long as possible because rest assured, we did not want to cancel this run. This was our first headliner in EU, tickets were selling great, and we were looking forward to finally having a full production set over there. We're flying by the seat of our pants like everyone else, but we're at least relieved that this is the first time we've had to cancel a tour since the pandemic began. It sucks major, and we hope we don't have to do it again.

"One last thing to note, this is not a 'reschedule', but a 'cancellation'. We absolutely will be making a EU headliner happen again asap, but the reason why we chose not to phrase this as a reschedule is simply because we don't want to hold people's ticket money for months, a year, or worse.

"Thank you for reading, we hope you understand, and above all else, stay safe out there. We'll see you as soon as possible."

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