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Comeback Kid cancel tour of Europe and UK

Comeback Kid have scrapped their Europe/UK tour with Be Well, Devil In Me, and Scowl. The trek had been scheduled to commence later this month in Germany.

"We made it sooo far and…No shortage of trying to make it happen," said Comeback Kid in a statement. "Sorry Devil In Me, Scowl, Be Well and XL LIFE but we will not be able to make the EU/UK dates happen. We are as mad as you are about this. Out of our control. We will make it up to you."


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anonymous 175 days ago

Guess they weren't coming back after all

anonymous 175 days ago

Well... duh!

anonymous 175 days ago

Cancel your band

anonymous 175 days ago

Amen, another shit band

anonymous 175 days ago

So how much did Be Well (who I still don't know the location of) pay to appear on this tour? When will they play higher than first? LOL @ tour bookers trying to make Scowl a thing cuz they appear among flowers & the singer dresses like Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac 😂 It ain't happening. Shocked Koyo isn't on this.

anonymous 175 days ago

Dudes that buy hats at goodwill are bummed

rick_tocchet 175 days ago

Well when you need 4 booster shots to go to a Cafe in Germany....

anonymous 175 days ago

^^^ Give it a rest. Why are you even reading about these bands if they're so PC? Also I don't know what alternate universe you live in but hardcore is a liberal/left-leaning/anti-status quo culture/music & you are a weirdo for thinking it shouldn't be that or even just commenting. F uc k off.

anonymous 175 days ago

Ducks are the true enemy. They will comeback, for our breadcrumbs kid. Fear the ducks. They will takeover all. Beware the rising duck flocks. Don't say you weren't warned. #cancelducks

anonymous 175 days ago

people who have the coordinates to to their favorite avocado toast joint tatted on their knuckles aren't stoked

anonymous 174 days ago

^^^ Am I the only one who doesn't get the avocado toast thing? You could buy an avocado for as little as a dollar. A 16 slice loaf of whole wheat bread is $4 so 40 cents a slice. Buy a basic ass toaster for $20 tops. Half an avocado is 50 cents, slice of bread 40 cents so 90 cents not even a dollar total.

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