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Every Time I Die's Keith Buckley says he's been 'ostracized' from band and that brother 'lied'

Just hours after Every Time I Die issued a statement saying that frontman Keith Buckley had left the group's tour several days early to focus on his mental health, Buckley himself has taken to Twitter claim that his brother and ETID guitarist Jordan Buckley has deceived him, and in fact had been involved in talks to find a replacement vocalist.

Buckley, who has been traveling separately from his four bandmates in the interest of maintaining his sobriety, says that although he thought he'd been helping the band, he effectively "ostracized" himself from the group.

His remarks are as follows:

"Now that I have seen the 'official statement' indicating that ETID is finishing the tour without their singer, I think I'm ready to tell you all a little bit about exactly WHY my mental health has had to become a priority over ETID. and trust I have receipts.

"While meditating in a side room yesterday I overheard my own brother tell an outsider that ETID had been in talks to replace me this entire time. I thought they were my biggest supporters. but Jordan had lied. his concern was a cruel trick. their statement is proof.

"Traveling separately, away from alcohol and the behaviors of those who choose to drink, has brought me peace of mind and has made me the best performer I have ever been. I love the ETID community and finally felt like I was giving back in a meaningful way. And I will continue to.

"Being ostracized from a band I have built for 20 years because I made a decision to do whatever it took to be a good Human Being hurts me deeply, but trust me when I say I am the most mentally fit I have ever been. This decision was made to protect myself from my own sibling."

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