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Fit For An Autopsy to tour Europe and UK with Enterprise Earth, Une Misere, More

Fit For An Autopsy tour (Europe)

Fit For An Autopsy will headline a tour of Europe and the UK next spring. Support will be provided by Enterprise Earth, Une Misère, Great American Ghost, and Sentinels, with dates as follows:

05/05 Antwerp, Belgium @ Trix Club
06/05 Bristol, UK @ Fleece
07/05 Birmingham, UK @ The Mill
08/05 Manchester, UK @ Rebellion
09/05 Glasgow, UK @ Cathouse 
10/05 Southampton, UK @ The Loft
11/05 London, UK @ o2 Academy Islington
12/05 Paris, France @ Gibus
13/05 Köln, Germany @ Essigfabrik
14/05 Berlin, Germany @ SO36
15/05 Hannover, Germany @ Faust
16/05 Hamburg, Germany @ Logo
17/05 Leipzig, Germany @ Conne Island
18/05 Warsaw, Poland @ Proxima
19/05 Nürnberg, Germany @ Hirsch
20/05 Wien, Austria @ Arena
21/05 Budapest, Hungary @ Barba Negra
22/05 Ljubljana, Slovenia @ Orto Bar
23/05 Milan, Italy @ Slaughter Club
24/05 Lyss, Switzerland @ Kulturfabrik
25/05 München, Germany @ Backstage
26/05 Saarbrücken, Germany @ Garage
27/05 Utrecht, Netherlands @ Helling

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anonymous 271 days ago

These guys better put up that black power fist at every show or they can get the f*ck out of my scene. - Jesse Barnett

anonymous 271 days ago

this would do numbers in billings

anonymous 271 days ago

Todd Jones here. Fit for an Autopsy got put on a bill with NAILS in 2010 at some VFW hall in Camarillo. Wasn't our choice - the promoter, this guy Two Lemonades Lenny (Camarillo HxC represent right boy!) owed their manager a favor for getting some 7" splits moved up ahead in the production line order. Their singer Nick had a ruptured appendix and asked if he could borrow our van to drive himself to the hospital. I put on the aviators and said "Nice try, bitch boy," as he was writhing around on the ground in catastrophic pain. He will never be one of us.

anonymous 271 days ago

Flying in from Billings for the Ljubljana, Slovenia show!

anonymous 271 days ago

Is Fat Pat allowed outside of the country?

anonymous 271 days ago

Flying in from New Mexico for the Wien, Austria show. Can't wait

anonymous 271 days ago

Is FSU still the opening act?

anonymous 271 days ago

Don't let Fat Pat have anything to do with the tour merch. He'll steal another Smurf's design, get reported for Trademark/Copyright Infringement, and forced to recall all sales and recoup payments to Studio Peyo S.A.

anonymous 271 days ago

Fit for a liposuction

anonymous 270 days ago

Hey guys, Fat Pat here... If you're looking for some sick ink with blown out lines and terrible shading, stop on by shop, Rose Gold Tattoo. I've got walk-ins and totally empty booking slots. Help!

anonymous 269 days ago

The Fat Pat comments are comical, and a bit over the top, but as someone who's known him for 5 years or so, I'll say his biggest character flaw which makes him the easy target for most people is that he is the world's biggest poser. He's also the least humble person in the world. He's the type of guy who's always right, claims he doesn't know it all, but in any conversation, he puts on the "I know everything" front. Loves to Man-splain everything to everyone. I've never heard the guy admit he was wrong, didn't know something, or come away from a conversation or argument admitting he learnt something. Whether it's which bigger band he's "friends" with, the time he did "_____" with "_____", or thinking he's the music business encyclopedia because his band is headlining tours with bands that are lucky to fill 1000 cap rooms. Uhg, whatever.

anonymous 268 days ago

Fat Pat is a turd.

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