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Unleashed release new single and video

Unleashed have issued the third single from their new studio album, No Sign of Life, which arrives on November 12 through Napalm Records. New track "You Are the Warrior!" and a performance video can be viewed below.

Vocalist and bassist Johnny Hedlund comments on the story behind "You Are the Warrior!": "In the battle of life there will be moments, for the Warrior, when the whole world seems to be against you. When pain and suffering is at its peak and everything is pitch black. This is the time to recall the reason for the struggle, and to remember those before you, their resolve and will of steel. You aim for the most noble deed of all and strive toward greatness, the highest of all ideals. That…is the call to Odin.


"As you sail into the great unknown of life, the great adventure, there will be dark clouds on the horizon, and know that sooner or later the winds will die down, and YOU will need to ROW. That…is the hour of the Midgard Warrior.

"It is then your time to bear the axe of responsibility, and the shield of protection for those who cannot protect themselves. Your forefathers’ battle is over, this is now yours! You are the Warrior! And You FIGHT!"

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