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Of Mice & Men announce new album 'Echo', premiere video

Official press release:

Gold-selling hard rockers Of Mice & Men — Aaron Pauley (bass, vocals), Valentino Arteaga (drums), Alan Ashby (guitar), and Phil Manansala (guitar) — are pleased to announce their seventh album Echo, out December 3 via SharpTone Records.

The album is comprised of the previously issued Timeless and Bloom EPs, along with the new and final Ad Infinitum EP. The EP will be released on vinyl in April 2022.

The full Echo album track listing is below. The physical pre-order will go live on Friday, October 22.

The band has also shared the video for latest single "Fighting Gravity." Watch it here:

"'Fighting Gravity' is about learning to let go, while also recognizing the impermanence and shortness of life," says Pauley. "We think we're in control of so much, but we're really not, and that existential dilemma is at the foundation of the human condition."

"Echo is a snapshot of the last year-and-a-half of our lives," the band says, summing the album up effectively. "It covers loss and growth, life and impermanence, love, and the infinite — how the most wonderful and most tragic parts of the human experience are deeply intertwined."

The Southern California-based quartet used their time spent in the 2020 lockdown, which was the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, in an incredibly productive way. They recorded all of the music on Echo during that time by working remotely via Zoom and sharing files. They had not been in the same room together since February 2020 and the start of the global shutdown.


The album was entirely self-produced by the band, and mixed and mastered by Pauley. Echo also includes the band's take on the Crosby, Stills, and Nash track "Helplessly Hoping," which closes out the release.

As is the case with all previous 2021 music drops, the artwork was designed by the iconic artist Derek Hess.

Echo track listing:

01. Timeless
02. Obsolete
03. Anchor
04. Levee
05. Bloom
06. Pulling Teeth
07. Mosaic
08. Fighting Gravity
09. Echo
10. Helplessly Hoping

Ad Infinitum EP track listing:

01. Mosaic
02. Fighting Gravity
03. Echo
04. Helplessly Hoping


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anonymous 219 days ago

Of Mice & They/Them

anonymous 219 days ago

Do they still play that poker face song?

evil_hero 219 days ago

embarrassing these guys would even allude to steinbeck

anonymous 219 days ago

Ad Infinitum EP track listing: 01. Sheetrock 02. Fighting Sheetrock 03. Echo 04. Helplessly Sheetrock

evil_hero 219 days ago

shits wack, yo

anonymous 219 days ago

This is whack

anonymous 219 days ago

evil_hero 11 minutes ago shits wack, yo stfu

anonymous 219 days ago

Lame band name.

anonymous 219 days ago

could only make it ten seconds in. boring and sucks, why is this band still a thing

anonymous 219 days ago

of vaccine and mandated. this shit sucks too

VodkaVeins 219 days ago

This song is bad and Derek Hess really phoned in that artwork

anonymous 218 days ago

But are they vaccinated?

anonymous 218 days ago

Has anyone in this band read Of Mice & Men or at least seen the 1993 film adaptation of the book?

anonymous 218 days ago

^ no they are known posers for a decade now

anonymous 217 days ago

^ They're posers for not reading or seeing Of Mice & Men or just posers in general?

anonymous 217 days ago

I'm sure Atreyu will need an opener soon

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