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Comeback Kid announce shows with No Warning, Zulu, Scowl

Comeback Kid tour dates

Canadian hardcore veterans Comeback Kid will tour the West Coast this December. The trek will feature support from No Warning, Zulu, and Scowl, with current dates listed below.

Comeback Kid's Andrew Neufeld comments: "It feels unreal to be playing shows again and we are over the moon to be covering both USA Coasts this Fall/Winter this year. Starting with Gainesville, Florida's The Fest at 12am on Halloween morning, we kick the tour off and head up the East Coast with our friends A Wilhelm Scream and young bloods One Step Closer; where these shows are sure to be bangers! Following that, we have locked in No Warning for the West Coast, sending these shows over the top with California's Zulu and Scowl as support; surrounding the For The Children Festival in Los Angeles and then heading up the West Coast before the Holidays. Tickets will sell out, so be sure to come hang with us at what looks to be some of the most exciting shows that we could put together to end the year!"

Comeback Kid, No Warning, Zulu, Scowl tour dates:

12/6 Las Vegas, NV @ American Legion Post 8
12/7 Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar
12/8 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
12/11 Los Angeles @ Echoplex (For The Children)
12/12 Los Angeles @ Echoplex (For The Children)
12/13 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Vets Hall
12/15 Portland, OR @ Dante's (no No Warning)
12/16 Seattle, WA @ Vera Project (no No Warning)

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anonymous 10/14/2021 10:47:24 AM

Will be getting a backstage vax pass for sure!

anonymous 10/14/2021 10:50:29 AM

No no warning

anonymous 10/14/2021 10:55:26 AM


anonymous 10/14/2021 10:55:50 AM

This is surprising, since last time the singer of Comeback Kid was robbed with no warning, leaving him with a scowl.

anonymous 10/14/2021 11:03:56 AM

^from Kansas and scared of non-whites. Definitely diabetic. Trump lost lol.

anonymous 10/14/2021 11:10:36 AM

Comeback Kid and No warning rule. Wish FTC was in LB

anonymous 10/14/2021 11:16:37 AM

No you're not hard-core unless you live hard-core!

anonymous 10/14/2021 11:19:09 AM

Trump won

anonymous 10/14/2021 11:28:27 AM


anonymous 10/14/2021 11:30:45 AM

Comeback Man

anonymous 10/14/2021 11:43:13 AM

such a woke group of openers. Sweet move CBK

anonymous 10/14/2021 11:55:52 AM

A little warning would have been nice.

anonymous 10/14/2021 12:01:45 PM


anonymous 10/14/2021 12:10:19 PM

Dudes that buy their hats from Goodwill are stoked

anonymous 10/14/2021 12:22:58 PM


anonymous 10/14/2021 12:36:11 PM

Comeback Kid singer shit sounded like some drug addict scam shit. Dude got robbed but didn't have access to another phone or computer for an entire week to change his passwords? "UH SORRY THE ROBBER WAS ASKING MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY FOR MONEY I DIDN'T KNOW FOR A WEEK I SWEAR!" K

anonymous 10/14/2021 12:38:25 PM

will be flying in from rochester for the santa cruz show, can't wait

anonymous 10/14/2021 2:12:16 PM

stoked for this! - dude who robbed him after Furnace Fest

anonymous 10/14/2021 2:24:22 PM


anonymous 10/14/2021 2:24:41 PM


anonymous 10/14/2021 2:36:56 PM

I am Zulu and posting from the KwaZulu-Natal province. This band name is very triggering seeing that this band is not one of us.

anonymous 10/14/2021 3:55:14 PM


anonymous 10/14/2021 4:10:53 PM

Everything woke turns to shit

anonymous 10/14/2021 4:15:58 PM

Zulu and Scowl are wife's boyfriendcore

anonymous 10/14/2021 6:33:29 PM


anonymous 10/14/2021 10:48:14 PM

zulu is not stoked

anonymous 10/15/2021 6:51:48 AM

That "abolish white hardcore" sh*t is trite. Dez is cool though. Finally one of his bands gets traction

anonymous 10/15/2021 7:39:16 AM

Victimhood culture is stoked.

anonymous 10/15/2021 11:36:19 AM

Yes, I am sure a shitty beatdown hardcore band masquerading as social justice activists will single handedly destroy the hardcore scene... ^ The abolish white hardcore merch is stupid, the band is stupid, but you gotta relax with the tucker carlson esque fear mongering shit. There's no way a c tier regional instagram band is gonna "destroy hardcore"

anonymous 10/15/2021 11:43:05 AM

Embracing wokeness already has ruined the scene

anonymous 10/15/2021 2:01:06 PM

Yes, local shows in my city have already been halted by the executive orders from Zulu, Dying Wish, and Knocked Loose...

anonymous 10/15/2021 3:52:15 PM

Yes, I am sure a shitty beatdown hardcore band masquerading as social justice activists will single handedly destroy the hardcore scene... ^^^ Zulu ain't beat down in the slightest lmfao. Imagine those nerds playing alongside Billy Club Sandwich or Bulldoze Jajaja

anonymous 10/15/2021 5:50:30 PM

Remember when No Warning badmouthed hardcore after signing to a major label, sold out to sound like Linkin Park with Suffer Survive, flopped and got dropped & broke up because they couldn't make it then crawled back to hardcore with all their hardcore songs? I do.

anonymous 10/16/2021 4:59:45 AM

Yes, local shows in my city have already been halted by the executive orders from Zulu, Dying Wish, and Knocked Loose... ^^^ Eh you don't get it. Trying make any kind of sense on here is pointless. From now on I'll just stick with they/them and sheetrock

anonymous 10/16/2021 5:31:45 AM

Conservatives deserve to starve. Keep red staters outta hardcore.

anonymous 10/16/2021 9:44:30 AM

Comeback Kid without the original vocalist is basically just new Figure Four. If CK had their original vocalist or if FF was on the tour then this would be worthwhile

anonymous 10/16/2021 2:55:04 PM

^^^ No it wouldn't both bands suck.

anonymous 10/16/2021 3:00:09 PM dickriders coming to the defense of No Warning? No "Jordan NW is in Terror" BS? I'm shocked.

anonymous 10/17/2021 6:50:20 PM

^ Elaborate.

anonymous 10/19/2021 5:28:36 PM

Again, elaborate.

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