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Wayfarer sign with Century Media Records

Sun, October 10, 2021 5:36 PM PT1,021 views

Denver, Colorado black/folk metal outfit Wayfarer have officially signed with Century Media Records.

Wayfarer comment on the Century Media deal: "As fans of music as well as musicians, all of us came up from a formative age listening to so many seminal releases from artists in their stable. We are honored to have a chance to contribute back to this well, and for this next chapter exploring the furthest frontiers of our own sound."

Philipp Schulte, Director and Chief A&R of Century Media, adds: "No other band sounds like Wayfarer. Merging atmospheric black metal and the dramatics of bands like Ulver and Bathory with Americana sounds reveals a level of originality that is second to none. Working with Wayfarer underlines the label's commitment to strike new paths. We are honored and very excited welcoming Wayfarer to Century Media Records."


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evil_hero 100 days ago

black/folk metal or black folk metal. big diff

evil_hero 100 days ago

either way best of luck to them not getting listened to or cared about

anonymous 100 days ago

Wayfarer, you've got just what I need. Lalalalala.

anonymous 100 days ago

Don't quit your 9-5

anonymous 100 days ago

My gf loves their furniture.

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