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Vatican set to release EP of 8 and 16 bit remixes

Official press release:

Savannah's Vatican are throwing fans for another loop. The band will release Reassembled Vol. 1: Sole Impulse on September 24.

The EP features remixed versions of a handful of songs from their last album Sole Impulse, released back in 2019. This release was a way for the band to show another side of itself, as they have remixed the album in the style of 8 and 16 bit video game soundtracks they grew up on.

"In Vatican, we don't do anything unless it makes us laugh, and Reassembled is the peak of that idea," the band shares. "Every new remix kept getting more ridiculous, with crazier sounds that had everyone rolling on the floor. Game music and sound design have always been an inspiration to the band, and it getting to shamelessly rep our love for Sonic 3, Megaman X, and Donkey Kong Returns is hilarious."


Reassembled Vol. 1: Sole Impulse track listing:

1. 31[staples]
2. blades/sephia
4. sOL3 1mPULSE
5. 000-0000-5463
6. RE:Assembled
7. Vita_Alpha.rom

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