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Dying Wish premiere new song

Oregon metalcore group Dying Wish have unveiled a new track called "Severing the Senses." The song is taken from the band's debut full-length, Fragments Of A Bitter Memory, due out October 1 through SharpTone Records.

"Severing the Senses" can be streamed here:


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anonymous 9/16/2021 7:15:50 AM

That girl is intriguing

anonymous 9/16/2021 7:18:38 AM

It doesn't matter if pop, rock, r&b, metal, or whatever the f*ck this garbage is... singers need to learn to sing/scream IN KEY. Learn your craft or go pick a new hobby.

anonymous 9/16/2021 7:42:18 AM

This sucks

anonymous 9/16/2021 7:45:31 AM

Best part of the track was the second right before I hit play.

anonymous 9/16/2021 7:48:41 AM

Every riff this band has is a massive Killswitch rip off. Please do the world a favor and listen to records made outside of 2002-2006 so you can blatantly steal from other bands.

anonymous 9/16/2021 7:50:50 AM

This band wouldn't be doing anything if the singer was a dude

anonymous 9/16/2021 8:04:11 AM

^ Disappointing, but not surprised.

anonymous 9/16/2021 8:07:14 AM

Dying wish premiere new exercise in overwhelming mediocrity

anonymous 9/16/2021 8:13:22 AM

Is she hot or is she surrounded by ugly guys?

anonymous 9/16/2021 8:30:17 AM

The virginity in this comment section is astounding.

anonymous 9/16/2021 9:00:59 AM

lol @ all these kids who paid $100+ for their 'vintage' metalcore shirts on ebay. posers

rick_tocchet 9/16/2021 9:10:47 AM

I didnt know It Prevails got a chick for a lead singer. And clean singing is back????

anonymous 9/16/2021 9:20:32 AM

Attractive is attractive, she's definitely got it going on, but I will be polite when I meet her in person. And invite her to get some coffee.

anonymous 9/16/2021 9:28:07 AM

Lol…these comments gotta a heavy insecure-alpha energy vibe….sheesh. Bet most of these dudes worship flag molesting sociopaths anyhow. Go beat off already you twerps and release some of that anger.

anonymous 9/16/2021 9:41:29 AM

Google: Trust Issues demo If you think they suck now… I invite you to hear what they sounded like before the name change.

anonymous 9/16/2021 9:42:20 AM

Someone tell them metalcore died many many years ago

anonymous 9/16/2021 9:51:34 AM

Watches "This Is Hardcore" videos once....

anonymous 9/16/2021 10:05:55 AM

I like the vocals. They got an old school Zao sound, Shawn Jonas era — the original All Else Failed. Mid-pitched, full, sounds good with the reverb. What more do you f*ckers want? Some pig squealing idiot? Or a Frankie Palmeri clone? It's 2021, I think as a genre we are over that shit.

anonymous 9/16/2021 10:17:11 AM

Thanks Webby for removing the small dick, cuck-insurrectionist comments.

anonymous 9/16/2021 10:52:58 AM

lol singer sings "I am the voiceless" while using her voice what a maroon

anonymous 9/16/2021 11:01:20 AM


anonymous 9/16/2021 11:26:37 AM

I like her

anonymous 9/16/2021 1:09:39 PM


anonymous 9/16/2021 4:58:52 PM

The Portland revenge season

anonymous 9/16/2021 5:48:03 PM

That late 90's early 2000 metalcore sound made a come back like 5 years ago then died very quickly. I can't tell if Portland is behind on trends or just really likes to do their own weird thing.

anonymous 9/16/2021 6:38:47 PM

People with gender pronouns on social media are stoked

anonymous 9/17/2021 12:30:05 AM

Bad killswitch clone

anonymous 9/17/2021 6:33:59 AM

Ugly girls and thirsty dudes with no taste are stoked.

anonymous 9/17/2021 7:31:56 AM

She has a five head

anonymous 9/19/2021 11:34:10 AM

I was like this is sooo Killswitch but it's good

turnstile 10/26/2021 4:05:04 PM

KARENCORE is a fitting name & they sound generic

anonymous 1/7/2022 7:31:01 AM

This band gets boring after one listen especially if you were around to see the real bands that blatantly rip off. Just go listen to the real thing, this band sucks and has rapists in it and gender non-binary nonsense all in one. Talk about hypocrisy.

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