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Beloved debut first new track in nearly 20 years

North Carolina post-hardcore group Beloved have released a new song, their first new music since 2003. Titled "Abyss," the new track can be streamed below.

Beloved had the following to say:

"Today marks the release of the first song we have written since we wrote 'Allure' 19 years ago. Writing a follow-up to our debut record proved to be a challenge that we simply couldn't overcome. No parts felt right. A clear musical direction wasn't in focus; we simply just couldn't piece together something that we could all agree on.

"Recording the U2 song was step one for us. We wanted to see where we stood in a studio setting, together for the first time since Vancouver in 2003. It went as well as we could've hoped. The next step was our former rival: creation.
"It didn't take long. All the unsettled feelings from the past were nowhere to be seen or felt. We wrote a song rather quickly. It came out heavy and dark. We collaborated and excited each other. It felt good.

"We have no album on the way. That's the honest truth. If you know us, you should know that this alone is a big deal. We are proud of it and cannot wait to play it for you all soon.

"Enjoy our 'Abyss'. We love you."

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