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Portrayal Of Guilt sign with Run For Cover Records, debut new song

Official press release:

On Christf*cker, Portrayal of Guilt plunge headfirst into unfathomable depths, creating a work of art that's powerfully unsettling. "We think of it partially in the sense of scoring a horror movie," guitarist/vocalist Matt King says. "We wanted to create an atmosphere of anxiety and fear."

We each have our own idea of what it means to live through a period filled with perpetual dread, a slowly burning world, and overwhelming darkness. In the case of Portrayal of Guilt, their tortuous afterlife comes with grief, loss, masochism, suffering, and pain.

Listen to "Possession":

The entirety of Christf*cker is set to unrelenting, nihilistic, howling soundscapes, created by King, drummer James Beveridge, and bassist, Alex Stanfield. By way of hypnotic guitar patterns, industrial rhythms and oppressive heaviness -- each track tells a story set in the darkest of settings for the listener to interpret and explore.

It's their second full-length of 2021 following January's acclaimed album, We Are Always Alone. This time around, Portrayal of Guilt have signed to Run For Cover and joined forces with prominent NYC producer Ben Greenberg (Uniform, Pharmakon, Bing & Ruth). Christf*cker features guest vocals from Jenna Rose of New York darkwave outfit Anatomy (on "Sadist") and Touché Amoré vocalist Jeremy Bolm (on "Fall From Grace").

Christf*cker is out November 5 on Run For Cover.

Christf*cker track listing:

01. Intro to Christf*cker
02. The Sixth Circle
03. Sadist
04. Fall from Grace
05. Dirge
06. Bed of Ash
07. The Crucifixion 
08. Master/Slave
09. ...where the suffering never ends
10. Possession

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