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Reflections part ways with guitarist Logan Young

Minnesota progressive metalcore group Reflections have announced the departure of guitarist Logan Young via the following statement:

"What is now almost 2 years ago, we welcomed a new member (Logan) onto our team. When this happened, we had expected to be traveling, touring, writing together, picking up 'band life' right where we left off after TCC. Unfortunately what none of us saw coming was the pandemic and everything that would follow, essentially destroying the plans that the band had been working on for years to line up and execute. One year became two, our internal dynamics changed yet again from what they were in 2019 and now there were/are even more factors at play, making our previous goals of returning to 'band life' more and more unobtainable. Things have changed so much and so unexpectedly, that we've realized our plans must change as well.

"So today we are sharing that Logan is stepping down from his role as a guitarist in Reflections. As the band prepares for its future/future releases, musical direction and a revert back to an original lineup, its become clear that this was a change best suited for everyone.

"We would like to thank Logan for his time and contribution to Reflections, helping polish off songs like the ending section of 'Synthetics', guitar work in 'Dismal' and 'Illusionist,' and full on re-recording guitars for a few songs that didn't have proper DIs (Ghost, Synthetics, Illusionist, Dismal). He also completely brought two of his own songs to the table being 'Empathy' and 'Seven Stages.'

"Another crucial thing Logan did was introduce me to Jeff Key, who mixed and mastered Willow. This was really the saving grace for that record. Without that line of communication opened, Willow may have never seen the light of day or would have at least been delayed even longer.

"When I 'met' Logan, it was simply through a video he posted of him playing guitar in his backyard. We started talking and I informed him of the position I was in (needing assistance in guitar work/recording, mixing) and he hopped right on board. Just months later we were filming the music video for 'From Nothing' and actually meeting for the first time. Then almost instantaneously, it all was put on hold, which really limited the ability for anything to grow.

"While Logan's time with Reflections has come to an end, we are happy to inform that he will be continuing his work in, I The Breather and his solo project Dal Av! Expect to hear new music from both projects soon!"


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anonymous 8/25/2021 6:28:45 PM

Other hipster guitarists are stoked.

rick_tocchet 8/25/2021 7:47:40 PM

Who? What?

anonymous 8/26/2021 2:12:07 AM

Why was it the right move for everyone? Because he came sympathetic to Qanon and dragged down the whole band talking about that shit night after night and then promising to never get the FAKE VACCINE which means he could never tour again and that reflections should USE THEIR PLATFORM to stop the steal? Or was it when he invited Matt Gaetz up on stage for a song? Is that when it all became clear?

anonymous 8/26/2021 2:52:20 AM

Is Reflections not that old record label that put out Bridge Nine bands in Europe?

anonymous 8/26/2021 4:25:23 AM

Reflections (on my friendship with Matt Gaetz)

anonymous 8/26/2021 6:49:36 AM

That's a really long statement for their 45 fans a night that will see them that's a generous number...

anonymous 8/26/2021 7:44:04 AM

I can't imagine the time it takes to scour for meaningless news like this, and other tidbits seen on this site. I get it, this is a "metalcore" news site, even though the genre jumped the ship years ago and only a select few pushing 40 dorks still follow it. That doesn't mean every meaningless metalcore news tidbit needs to be reported.

anonymous 8/26/2021 8:03:34 AM

Hard f*cking disagree. I'm actually sick of only seeing updates when things change. I want to see candids of these mother f*ckers at Kroger and shit

anonymous 8/26/2021 10:01:17 AM

Willow is a sic record.

anonymous 8/26/2021 12:58:43 PM

Nobody cares.

anonymous 8/26/2021 1:41:38 PM

The self indulgent statement goes out to their 2 fans

anonymous 8/26/2021 3:49:39 PM

Needle dick

carveyournamein 8/26/2021 4:18:48 PM


anonymous 8/26/2021 4:34:23 PM

"That doesn't mean every meaningless metalcore news tidbit needs to be reported." Yeah Webmaster. Make more posts about Terror gearing up for Friday so homeboy doesn't get so bored humping his fist. I'm not a robot

anonymous 8/26/2021 4:37:32 PM

Yes, but what does he think about the vaccine?

anonymous 8/27/2021 4:58:44 AM

^ he denied it so that should be obvious

evil_hero 9/30/2021 8:23:19 AM


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