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Chelsea Grin vocalist says he won't play shows where vaccination is required

Chelsea Grin (and Darko) vocalist Tom Barber appears to be taking a vaccine stance similar to that of rock legend Eric Clapton, who recently said that he will not perform any concerts where attendees must be vaccinated against Covid-19.

However, rather than singling out venues, Barber says that he refuses to perform in any states or countries that mandate vaccinations for concertgoers. Communicating via an Instagram story (see below), Barber had the following to say yesterday:

"If your country or state requires me to be vaccinated to play a show I will not play the show."

Although Barber certainly didn't mince words, it's unclear if his Chelsea Grin bandmates are on the same page.


It's worth noting that Chelsea Grin are scheduled to tour Europe and the UK this winter, meaning it's quite possible that Barber's resolve (with regard to vaccine mandates) will be tested.

Tom Barber on vaccines

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