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Code Orange announce headlining shows

Code Orange have scheduled a handful of headlining shows to supplement their fall tour with Slipknot and Killswitch Engage. Those shows are listed below.

9/24 Mckees Rocks, PA @ Roxian Theatre w/ Dying Fetus, more
9/26 Columbus, OH @ Skulls Music Diner w/ Show Me The Body, more
9/27 Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme w/ Show Me The Body, more
10/18 Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern w/ Bathe, more
10/21 Jacksonville, FL @ Underbelly
10/25 Memphis, TN @ Growlers
10/29 San Antonio, TX @ Vibes Event Center w/ Portrayal Of Guilt, more
11/3 Tucson, AZ @ 191 Toole


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anonymous 303 days ago

Former emo kids who pretend to like nu-metal released 12 years before they were born are stoked.

timelordtwo 303 days ago

14 year old me is stoked

anonymous 303 days ago

f*ck you. I'm stoked.

carveyournamein 303 days ago

Good for them, but does anyone wonder why Code Orange Kids haven't sued Code Orange over the name?

anonymous 303 days ago

Not needed.

anonymous 303 days ago

No thanks….please stop letting this band think they are good

anonymous 303 days ago

Jncos and ironic nu metal shirts bought on eBay for $150 are stoked. Some A markets on this run..

anonymous 303 days ago

Code Sheetrock

anonymous 302 days ago

This band doesn't even have a real fanbase.

anonymous 302 days ago

Jami Morgan is one pretentious motherf*cker. Def oozes daddy and mommy money energy

anonymous 301 days ago

The short guy with long red hair who plays guitar in the band is super hot.

anonymous 299 days ago

"These guys are super annoying and will be laughed at looking back on them in the future" Funny, that's what people were saying back about 10 years ago, too.

anonymous 299 days ago

"These guys are super annoying and will be laughed at looking back on them in the future." Nobody is stopping you from showing the world how super unannoying YOU and from forming your own band.

anonymous 298 days ago

Nobody takes this band seriously.

evil_hero 240 days ago

no care ever

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