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Remembering Never and Ether Coven frontman shares update on cancer battle

Peter Kowalsky of Ether Coven

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First diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in early 2020, Ether Coven and Remembering Never vocalist Peter Kowalsky (aka 'Mean Pete') has issued a new update regarding his health.

Kowalsky's statement (via Remembering Never's social media) is as follows:

"This band is not about me but people/friends/fans have reached out concerning my health with what's been going on with my fight with cancer.

"I ended chemo treatment in October and have been getting scans and bloodwork every 3 months since. I am so fucking amped to report that everything is coming back negative for signs of cancer. I've gotten back in the gym and lost a bunch of weight that I gained form being laid out for 8 months or so after my second surgery and treatment and I'm stronger than I was before cancer. Every day I wake up and appreciate life so much differently now but there is always the black cloud of fear that the cancer may return.

"A lot of cancer patients are not this lucky. I've had a couple friends recently succumb to cancer in the last weeks that were absolutely near and dear to my heart and my heart breaks for their loved ones. Both of the people in question were absolute angels in their lives and their spirit lives with everyone they have touched.

"Rest In Power to everyone that didn't make it to see the other side of cancer. Keep fucking going to the survivors, and those still struggling with it. It's a long hard road and even when we're in remission the mental scarring is very real. This is all part of our story now.

"Thank you for all the messages for the past several months."

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