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Monuments guitarist Olly Steele quits band

UK progressive metal outfit Monuments have announced the departure of guitarist Olly Steele, who joined the group a decade ago.

According to the band, "With a heavy heart, today we announce that Olly Steele is stepping away from Monuments."

For his part, Steele has issued the following statement:

"What’s cracking. I’m stepping down from Monuments. It’s been ten incredible years of highs and lows and I’m extremely grateful for the entire experience. It’s been a huge part of my life and many of the amazing memories and interactions will stay with me forever. I’ve been around the world a good few times and met so many inspiring people and learned so much. You can’t buy that shit.

"Monuments is an amazing opportunity with some amazing players but ultimately at this point in my life I feel like I’ve had the experience and I’ve said what I am able to say musically with the group. Monuments deserve someone who is inspired and driven and I can’t offer that like I did when I was 19 so I’m making the move. I’m still gonna make music and continue with my current projects and collabs, with the initial focus being more solo music. After that who knows, the endless possibilities are really exciting.

"Huge thanks to the boys for being there whilst we achieved so many great things together. And special thanks to the band for rolling the dice on a little raw mouthy teen with basically only potential to offer. Like everyone else I’m more than excited to see what Monuments do next. I was a fan first and now I’m a fan again. Thanks to everyone who supported in whatever way that may have manifested, none of this could have happened without the people behind us. Hopefully it won’t be too long before you hear from me again. Till then take care, much love and thank you."

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