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Gojira to release new album this spring, reveal song titles

It's no secret that French metal band Gojira have spent a good portion of the last several years crafting their follow-up to 2016's Magma. While the going has been slow, the group did issue a new single last summer called "Another World." Today, Gojira unveiled a new portion of their website featuring eleven icons. Clicking upon each of the icons reveals what appears to be a song title, particularly because one of them matches the moniker of the aforementioned single. As such, this would appear to be the track listing for the new record: 01. Born for one Thing 02. Amazonia 03. Another World 04. Hold On! 05. New Found 06. Fortitude 07. The Chant 08. Sphinx 09. Into the Storm 10. The Trails 11. Grind Moreover, the URL path at which the icons above are featured is "430," likely equating to April 30, a date which just so happens to be a Friday (new album release day). All things considered, look for a new, eleven-song Gojira album to arrive (or at least be announced) on April 30.

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