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ex-Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext raises $90k in 3 days

Earlier this week vocalist Tommy Vext, who recently parted ways with Bad Wolves, launched a GoFundMe to cover expenses for his forthcoming solo project. After raising over $20,000 in mere few hours, Vext increased the campaign goal and has now raised roughly $89,000 via donations from 3,485 people. His initial plea for financial help was as follows:
"Dear Wolfpack, In April of 2020 I began recording what was to be the 3rd Bad Wolves Record as well as a double covers album. Due to covid 19 I found myself collaborating digitally with the same outside producers and songwriters that have contributed largely to the bands debut & sophomore albums. After tracking 37 songs without much input from my ex band members it was clear I had created a solo project. Many of the songs were previewed on patreon but now it's time to finalize all three albums. As a result I got stuck with a studio bill and no label to advance the completion of these recordings. Times have been tough for many of us and It's my intention to GIVE AWAY THIS COVER ALBUM FREE TO EVERYONE WHO DONATES wether it be one dollar or one hundred dollars for helping me finish what I started and continue my passion. Over the past 11 years of my sobriety I've spent some of the best moments of my life giving back. I've helped organize campaigns that have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities. I saw it through that Bad Wolves would donate the proceeds from sales of zombie to the late Dolores O'riordans children. As a band we have donated proceeds to non profits like rock to recovery, the global recovery initiatives & fallen law enforcement officer wounded in the line of duty. So it comes with great humility that I now have to ask my friends family and supporters in the Wolfpack to help me this time. Every show night end our concerts by saying "thank you for giving me a life beyond my wildest dreams" words that you all have breathed truth into. It has been an honor and a privilege to meet and connect with all of you wether in person or through the healing power of music. In 2018 we broke world records together and Its my hope that we can all do it one more time by saying fuck you to the system & allowing honest artists to exercise free speech. This is a call to action like I never have before. with Love & Respect"
Yesterday, Vext issued this update:
"This has been a crazy 24 hours. I can't believe we passed our goal in less then one day of a 30 day campaign. I'm going to continue this and share with people the next thirty days. If we raise enough money I can start my own record label and Merch company. Additionally I can hire an attourney to handle this separation properly. You guys have no idea how much this means and what a statement it's making to the record industry and other artists. Our Independence is our freedom!"

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