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Eternal Void part ways with Tragic Hero, to release new single

Ohio deathcore/metalcore band Eternal Void have formally revealed their 2020 departure from the roster of Tragic Hero Records, with whom they signed in 2018. Having recently finished work on their new album, S.I.T.B., the group will release a new single called "Crippling Thing" this Saturday, January 16. For now, the group has issued the following statement:
"We've been quiet, too quiet; especially to those who have treated us so well over the years since releasing our first album, Catharsis. With our song, 'Solipsist', there was a spark, a glimmer of more to come... then we went completely dark without much acknowledgement to the situation. Now is our time to finally shed light on our silence. "In January 2020, we made the decision to leave Tragic Hero Records after two years and a re-release of Catharsis. We felt it would've been a detriment otherwise to continue forward in this fashion, and as a band, we were finally able to achieve our true vision of what Eternal Void needed to be. "We would not be the band we are now without you all, our changes internally, or with what transpired within the last few years. For those who have waited patiently, your time has come."

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