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Shayley Bourget (Dayshell, ex-OM&M) denies new allegations

This past summer, allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against Dayshell founder and ex-Of Mice & Men member Shayley Bourget (he had also been accused of unseemly behavior in 2017). This month several more individuals came forward to accuse Bourget of abuse and misconduct, prompting him to issue the following statement today in which he denies all allegations and threatens legal action against his accusers:
"The things you may or may not have come across online regarding myself are so untrue I don't even know where to begin. At this point it's become laughable but more so sickening at the same time because I'm personally close to people that have been actual victims of these claims. Not one of these terrorists went to the police with their claims. Not once! Guess what though? I sure did! I went straight to the police and my lawyer once this all began. What does that tell you? My lawyer is monitoring every person saying lies online and have been since this all began. These terrorists know exactly what they're doing. What they are doing is taking advantage of the broken social media system. Since mainly Twitter and Reddit's policy is a free-for-all they can say and do whatever they want and have non consequence. Which is why 'cancel culture' exists. I even witnessed a few of these terrorists post their OnlyFans link for the first time on Twitter after their claims went live. Obviously they were using that to promote their accounts. I found that to be probably the most contradicting thing you could post right after fabricating a story about a man objectifying women. The links were taken and submitted to my lawyer along with the many other things found online that completely contradicted their claims and justified the fact that they are in fact lies. "My family and I have been getting death threats via social media and our mailbox. People were stalking and driving past my mother's house yelling horrible things. To the point we had to move her to a new house. I get multiple messages a day from random accounts that are hostile and abusive. At this point I feel that myself and my family's lives are now in jeopardy. These people have put fear into our heads and we will now be working with the police to help protect us. "These people are not here to make the world a better place like they are trying to have you think. These people spread lies that are meant to destroy someone's life for the sole purpose to make themselves feel special and to gather any and all attention they never had in their life. The saddest part of all this happening with the 'cancel culture' we live in is that it has devalued and discredited women who are the actual victims of these horrible and hideous claims. These people have made a mockery of the real victims. You have stolen the voice of women who really needed theirs. It's these terrorist people that will ultimately be the downfall in the very thing they say they are fighting against. Remember that old story we were told as kids? 'The boy who cried wolf.' Bottom line, there was never any police report filed on me, they didn't even attempt it. But I'm sure they'll blame the legal system that they never event attempted to contact. "I'm definitely not perfect. I've said things I didn't mean. I've hurt and broke people's hearts in my life. To all those people I'm very sorry. Just know that I'm also human too and I'm also dealing with chronic pain and illnesses that I don't even talk about. But never in my life have I ever done any of these crazy things being said. Not once and never will. If they are so confident in their claims then I say with open arms 'go to the fucking police, let's go to fucking court!' Otherwise stop harassing, abusing and threatening to murder my family and move on with your life. If I didn't turn out to be the person you wanted, move on! If my views on life don't match yours, move on! Being emotionally hurt or upset at somebody for whatever reason is not something to condemn somebody for. Not something you actively obsess over and spend every waking minute online trying to achieve. I can try to understand their broken mentality because at one point I almost called someone out online but then realized it's just not right. It's something you learn from and it's something you move on from and it's something you learn to avoid in the future. It's called growing as a person. It's called life. "I've been silent because no one needs to know my personal business and this is now a legal matter. Therefore my lawyer recommended I stay quiet and let them continue to spread lies which will 100% be used against them in the court of law if need be. "Thank you for reading. Thank you to my real friends, family and fans who have been supporting me daily while this has been going on. Please respect mine and my family's privacy on the matter. I wish everyone well and I'm sorry for the BS in your timeline. Much love."

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