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Chuck Billy criticizes Will Carroll over COVID-19 spread

Testament vocalist Chuck Billy suspects that he contracted COVID-19 from Death Angel drummer Will Carroll and thinks that Carroll "should have said something" if he thought he had it. Carroll spent two weeks on a ventilator in a Northern California hospital after returning home from his band's European tour with Testament and Exodus. Speaking with San Francisco's KRON-TV recently, Carroll said, "halfway through the tour, people started getting sick and it started spreading from one person to the other. Once I did get sick, the third or fourth to last day, it hit me pretty hard and I knew I probably had COVID. I just knew it." In a new interview with Hot Metal, Chuck Billy was asked if knew that members of the Death Angel camp were sick while still in Europe, to which he responded:
"No. Because it was the last three days, I think he said, of the tour [that he first started feeling sick]. But no, he didn't say he was sick or had it or thought he had it, but, you know, I think he should have said something. Unfortunately, I don't think it was cool... I mean, he could have got stuck in Europe for a long time. With his problems, he could have been on a ventilator in Europe. But, again, to think that he was ill, just to get on that plane and spread it himself if he was contagious, that's kind of... a little wrong."
Asked if he knew how he contracted COVID-19, Billy had this to say:
"I don't. But being the band, we are amongst ourselves — the three bands. We really didn't go and walk through the crowds or nothing. So we were isolated to ourselves. So if Will did get us sick, maybe it was that last hug on stage, that last show when Will was around us all. I don't know — if he thought he was really ill at that point. Because we didn't have a lot of public interaction with each other — it was mostly just all three bands and crews. So, we don't know. It could have been that last night. Or it could have been at the airport, because some of the people on the bus didn't get sick, who slept in the same areas with us and were really close to us. So maybe we got it at the airport that last night. Maybe we got it on the plane coming home. We just don't know. But we do know that we all came down [with it] around the same time. I think if Will was sick first, if they were sick first, maybe they must have gave it to us — I don't know — but the rest of our band and crew started feeling it, like, a day after we got home."
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