NewsFebruary 1, 2020 12:15 PM ET13,617 views

My Chemical Romance sell out American tour in 6 hours

For anyone left wondering if people still truly care about My Chemical Romance, that question was answered yesterday with a resounding "yes" after the band's entire North American tour sold out in mere hours. Specifically, all 228,000 available tickets were gone in less than six hours, prompting the emo rock icons to add second shows in several cities. While the situation is undoubtedly pleasant for the band, it's been much less so for their fans. Between scalpers and Ticketmaster's "dynamic pricing," tickets originally priced at $59-200 quickly rose upwards of $1,000, leaving many MCR devotees enraged at both the band and Ticketmaster. If you were one of those MCR fans who managed to get a reasonably priced ticket, consider yourself fortunate. You can read more about the ticket kerfuffle here.

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